CRM at Oracle Series: Do Not Call & Do Not Email

Who you gonna call? Or not call! Sorry, just kidding, this isn't a movie blog! Do Not Call is an important topic for all businesses as there are government regulations that can lead to significant fines, and of course, possible damage to your brand.

Oracle leverages Siebel CRM to develop an effective solution to address the Do Not Call and Email Permissible Use requirements. The application uses the Contacts functionality to manage communication preferences, which when defined, centrally synchronizes all contact records that share the same phone number and email address. Additionally, the relevant information is masked so Oracle employees cannot accidentally reach out to the contact. Therefore, the solution ensures that we are compliant with regulations, enables us to respect individuals' communication preferences and provides an audit trail of changes to their preferences.

Today's CRM at Oracle slidecast discusses the requirements, highlights benefits and provides screen shots of the solution.

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Are you enjoying the CRM at Oracle Series? We are working on more topics for this year, but if there is a particular CRM area or function which you'd like to hear how Oracle implemented it internally, leave us a comment and we'll try to get it on our list.


is this feature available in R12.1.2? If yes how to achieve this functionality ? What are the setups to be done ?

Posted by guest on September 27, 2011 at 10:27 PM PDT #

Not sure I understand the query as "Do not call and do not email" has been supported in EBS since R11.i.10. Lists are received or created in marketing and updated in TCA where customer, contact preferences are maintained. Please feel free to reach out to the EBS product team for more information if needed.

Posted by guest on September 28, 2011 at 08:14 AM PDT #

Yes we support All Do Not Contact Channels in R12.1.2
The Customer record needs to be updated with the Contact Preference as requested by the Customer e.g. Do Not Contact (All), Do Not Call, Do Not Mail etc.etc.
This can be done from a number of applications Customers Online, Telesales, Marketing and can be set permanently or for a defined period of time.
Once the contact preferences have been set, then for Marketing purposes there are a number of Seeded DO NOT CONTACT Suppression lists that need to be generated (customer defines re-generation period e.g Daily, Weekly etc.) The Suppression Lists are updated by running the concurrent program AMS-Generate Suppression Lists.
Once the Suppression Lists are generated, if applied to the Marketing activity (as appropriate) they will exclude all customers with the Do Not Contact preference set for that channel e.g. if Do Not eMail Contact Preference set will exclude customers from eMail Marketing Activities.
Hope this clarifies.
Ed Carter
Product Manager Oracle EBS Marketing and Partnering Applications

Posted by Ed Carter on September 29, 2011 at 01:59 AM PDT #

Hi Ed Carter,

Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. upon your response I have did some research to find out this feature but I couldn't get it.

If possible could you please tell me the navigation to reach this feature in marketing application?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Posted by Versatile36 on October 01, 2011 at 01:00 AM PDT #

No Problem.
The Suppression List functionality is accessed via the AUDIENCE ADMINISTRATION DASHBOARD.
Navigation Path is:
Sign into Marketing with Marketing Administrator Responsibility
Select Audience Administrator / Audience Administration Dashboard
From Shortcuts Select Suppression Lists
This will take you to the SEEDED Marketing Suppression Lists
Click on each List to open it up e.g. DO NOT EMAIL
Click on Generation Tab then click on Generate List.
This will then create a Do Not Email Suppression List containing all customers in TCA with a Contact Preference of Do Not Email set.
When you create an email activity and check the Apply Suppression check box, the Do Not Email Suppression List is applied in the background to filter out the Do Not eMail contacts.
Same applies to all the Seeded Suppression Lists once they have been GENERATED.
The above details the Manual process of Suppression List Generation
You should set the concurrent program AMS-Generate Suppression Lists to run at a defined period, Daily , Weekly so that the Suppression Lists are updated automatically with all customers having a Do Not Contact Preference set. This way no one can be contacted who has requested not to be.
The navigation for the concurrent program is:
Sign into Marketing with Marketing Administrator Responsibility
Select Audience Administrator / Audience Administration Dashboard
From Favourites select Marketing Concurrent Requests
Click on submit a New Request
Select a Single Request
Select OK
Enter AMS-Generate Suppression List in the search box
Press Tab Key
Select Schedule
Select Periodically
Enter RE-RUN Time frame required e.g. Daily, Weekly etc.
Select Submit
Suppression Lists will now be Generated at set Time frame.
Further information on Suppression Lists can be found in the R12 Marketing Implementation Guide.
Hope this clarifies.

Posted by Ed Carter on October 03, 2011 at 02:56 AM PDT #

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