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Enable the Experience Economy with Visual Configuration Technology

Guest Author

By Marc Murphy, Chief Executive Officer at Atlatl Software

Digital transformation has forced massive changes in how we need to think about Customer Experiences and how to meet those rapidly changing expectations that persist in our consumer lives.  These new expectations are disrupting the traditional B2B sales model. Atlatl Visual’s product, integrated with the Oracle CX platform, is extends the customer experience via 3D and Augmented Reality.

Don’t provide customers with an analog sales experience in a digital word!

Our online experiences have influenced B2B customers to expect the same type of B2C experience they have in their day-to-day life. In terms of the value of Visual technology, B2B environments are finding applications of this technology is providing tangible in the e-commerce space. This has led to a growing set of visionary companies that are embracing Visual and AR technology in the sales and marketing segment of the value chain. B2B products that are more often larger, more complex, and harder to sell outside a physical space (ie showrooms, shop floor, plants, etc) are seeing significant ROI from the potential of Visual Configuration integrated with a robust Oracle commerce platform.

Atlatl Visual and Oracle CPQ

In the industrial and manufacturing space, Atlatl Visual recently introduced the concept of a ‘digital twin.’ This means creating a digital version of a product that can be designed, configured, and virtually ‘poked & prodded’ in the sales process at a fraction of the cost of creating the physical product.  Additionally, this digital twin becomes extremely accessible to a larger audience of prospective customers.  This virtual sales experience increases the reach and speed to companies and customers, while decreasing the costs of the sales process. 

Why Visual & AR has changed the experience economy

Customer journeys are changing.  Visual and augmented reality changes the customer experience by providing an immersive and differentiated sales and buying experience for Sales and consumers alike.  Brands that take advantage of this innovative technology will create competitive advantages over traditional, antiquated, analog processes.

Virtual product in the physical space provides intuitive product confidence.  The color, fit, finish, dimensions and space constraints are all present in the AR experience.

  • Sales Efficiency: Speed & Accuracy = TIME
  • Tangible ROI:  Time Savings & Resource Savings
  • Higher conversion rate on deals up to 40%
  • Higher productivity from your sales team
  • Speed to close

Create an Immersive Sales Experience with Atlatl Visual & Oracle CX

Selling products in the environment in which they are used (or ‘in-situation’) is a major element of the proposed value for Visual & AR technology embedded into Oracle CX.   Imagine the power of seeing a tractor in a construction site,  a conveyor layout in a plant, or medical equipment arranged to fit in an operating room!   This ability pushes the sales process of complex products outside of the constraints of the physical world sales meeting and begins to establish the visual and virtual environment as the preferred point of sale experience.

We believe that this will start to eliminate barriers that exist in geography and capital by having ‘virtual’ dealers that can be anywhere around the globe with the same access.





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