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  • April 20, 2017

Ecommerce Digital Transformation in 2017 - Insights from The Executive's Guide to Digital Commerce

Nathan Joynt
CX Cloud Business Group

Patience is a virtue your customers don't possess. You realize this to be true not only as a retailer but as an online shopper yourself. Why bother paying for shipping on one website when you know you can price shop on Amazon? Why deal with a bad mobile experience when you know other options exist?

We recently surveyed a few digital shoppers and the message was clear - consumers want premium shopping experiences without the premium price:

So how do you address this 'new normal'?

This new normal is the battleground for the years to come. Your digital customer experience is your great weapon and the application will be your great differentiator in a complex and crowded market where everyone is focused on profitability and building customer loyalty.

Delivering the most personalized shopping experiences possible is key because the more direct and focused the experience is to the individual shopper, the better the chance to earn trust, make a sale, and position yourself for repeat sales. To automate and scale this practice is the objective for visionary brands and those looking to transform digitally.

The challenge with the concept of personalization is it's a broad sweeping category of techniques for addressing any number of customer needs.

  • You depend on creating personalized experiences when attracting new customers - perhaps in the form of a buyer-centric content and digital marketing strategy.
  • Once shoppers are on your storefront you need to engage them and deliver a personalized set of results. This may require advanced site search capabilities or perhaps running segmentation tests to determine optimal shopping experiences.
  • Perhaps the products themselves need to be personalized and customized and therefore require agile technology.
  • When it comes to customer service you need tailored support focused on answering specific questions and addressing concerns in real time that often make the difference toward earning sales.

The list of personalization requirements goes on.

Rightly so, many brands are looking for technology to lead their digital transformation, address such personalization concerns, and to integrate experiences seamlessly.

This is why we've reached out to industry experts and ecommerce professionals like yourself to help us detail a roadmap for technology investments with the ultimate goal being to provide the most superior, personalized digital shopping experiences possible - and do so at scale.

Thus, we created The Executive's Handbook to Modern Digital Commerce.

Within this comprehensive handbook we talk about what it means to execute modern digital commerce best practices beginning with the concept of customer obsession and why it's necessary to place the customer and the countless buyer journeys at the center of your digital commerce strategy.

We then discuss the process, or digital transformation process, retailers and online brands can take to address key concerns around their culture and common work processes.

Next we dive into what's possible with modern digital commerce technology and how to innovate in the age of personalization.

We feature key insights and takeaways from industry experts. Take a peek at some of the insights and quotes:

Digital commerce and retail industry experts

Scott Lachut: "Data analytics is a must-have for understanding the forces driving demand." tweet this

Ken Morris: "Consumers expect a seamless experience - making real-time retail the new industry imperative." tweet this

Stewart Rogers: "While marketers understand the importance of #mobile, 60% tell me they are ill-equipped to deal with [it]." tweet this

Greg Buzek: "The greatest need right now is around the entire concept of unified commerce." tweet this

Chuck Martin: "Attend external meetings or conferences to help teams stay ahead in tech." tweet this

Ed Cleary: "A seamless #custexp across different devices, in-store, and social is key to being customer-centric." tweet this

Stephen Monaco: "Success will come from a view of customers as individual people, not as a target market." tweet this

Terry Duperon: "Budget, technology, insights, and infrastructure are barriers to customer centricity." tweet this

Brian Solis: "When we use AI to analyze #CustExp, we gather new insights - leading to innovation and new touchpoints." tweet this

Branden Moskwa: "The answer to leveraging quick wins is as simple as one word, INTEGRATION." tweet this

Why read it? 

Consumer shopping behavior is driving-to-digital. Every week another retailer is closing a physical storefront and digital commerce is the great equalizer among brands. No matter the size of the business, every retailer and ecommerce brand is facing the same set of core challenges:

  1. Consumer spending is not increasing and
  2. Consumers are assuming more control over their purchase decision

New brands will continue to enter the market and offer unique, compelling experiences designed to take market share. You have to be willing to fight back to retain your customers. It's the only way to remain profitable during a time where the economy is flat across the board. 

Download the handbook today for complete information.

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