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Oracle CX Partner EyeFitU Helps Retailers Provide a Better Online Fashion Experience

Neil McHugh
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle CX

I recently sat with Isabelle Ohnemus, the founder and CEO of EyeFitU, an Oracle ISV partner. We discussed how the EyeFitU size and fit finder helps businesses of every size, from small local stores to iconic brands, provide a better online retail customer experience. We also talked about how their solution helps retailers reduce customer returns, manage inventory and reduce their carbon footprint.  Sizing matters!

1. NM: What’s the big deal with sizing anyway?
IO: It’s a huge problem at so many levels. Since there’s no universal sizing system, every brand has its own. No two size charts are alike. Take jeans for example. A  size 8 jeans at one brand is different than a size 8 at another. As free shipping and online shopping increase, consumers are encouraged to buy multiple sizes of clothes and return those items that don’t fit. About 75% of fashion returns are because of size and fit where the value of the returned item can drop up to 50%! Returning items may annoy the customer but it’s also costly for the store and our environment. Solving the sizing problem would make shopping more personalized, generate fewer returns, reduce expenses and the carbon footprint for the retailer.

 2. NM: Tell me about EyefitU. What makes your solution unique?

IO: EyeFitU is a Size-as-a-Service platform for fashion retailers and apparel brands. Our patented cloud based SizeEngine™ AI Platform increases conversions, reduces returns and personalizes the shopping experience. We integrate each brand’s sizing information and tailor size recommendations specific to each individual per garment type at scale. As an approved Oracle extension for Oracle CX Commerce, our SizeEngine™ is customizable, omnichannel and based on the retailer’s proprietary size charts. What 's makes us so unique is how easy to use our solution is.  There's a 10 second on-boarding experience for the shopper, with no reference to other brands and sizing. We also offer a body-fit visualization per size and multiple profile option for a better family/gift shopping experience. Our patented Body Reference Model algorithm provides retailers with garment relevant body measurements per size request.

EyeFitU also supports clienteling for shop assistants & can be fully integrated with smart mirrors:

We also offer a variety of SizeAnalytics™ that allows retailers to learn more about their eCommerce customers, including and not limited to the following:

Ultimately, EyeFitU’s SizeEngine™ allows for a better shopping experience for customers. But, we also provide the retailer with access to analytics for inventory management at the cross channel level. This results in lower fulfillment costs, reduces dead inventories and a lower carbon footprint.

3. NM: How does EyefitU provide an improved experience for eCommerce customers?

IO: We offer quick onboarding with our SizeFinder™. There's no need for a customer to know their size with multiples brands as we provide a unique option to provide actual body measurements for even more precise size recommendations.

Having the option to learn the correct size takes away the uncertainty of shopping when one doesn’t know their size. Our FitVisualizer™ allows each customer to see how each size will fit – tighter, looser or just right – and depending on their fit preferences, pick the size that’s right for them.

Customers will have no need for ordering multiple sizes. Instead, they will shop with confidence and increase their basket size!

4. NM: What’s your vision for the next generation of retail?

IO: We envision a move to better personalization and mobile for an incredible omnichannel experience. Not only will people increasingly shop from their phones, but mobile will play a role in the in-instore experience. With privacy laws evolving, customers will be in control of their own profiles, reducing concern around privacy and ultimately leading to more personalization. There will be a seamless customer experience across all channels as customers create and become their own channels. Collecting data sets from all channels will allow for a more effective single customer view to better personalize future customer engagement. Multiple orders and excessive returns will be replaced by convenience and personalization.

Finally, sizing will begin to move away from the traditional sizing we’ve all grown to have a love/hate relationship with toward a system that better matches clothes to the body. Once you know your size in a certain brand, all is good and you can shop with confidence. But what about when you want to discover a new brand? As new technologies are developed to enable accurate body scanning, more brands will embrace size recommendation software to assist shopping online or in-store. Shopping for clothes itself will be quicker, more efficient and yield far fewer returns.






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