Wednesday Aug 29, 2012

Is There a Cloud Over OpenWorld?

OpenWorldIf you have been to OpenWorld in the past, you know it can be overwhelming or at least a bit "large." If this is your first time at OpenWorld, get ready! You are in for a big (or I should say HUGE) treat. The first thing you'll notice when you get to San Francisco is there are a lot of people, buses with "Oracle" posters, large exhibit halls filled with demos, games and tchotchkes from vendors with hot new solutions, and then there are the sessions. Yes, in fact there are over 2000 sessions.

How can you possibly sort through 2000 sessions to find the best 20 or so for you? Which are the 1% for you? We will try to help with some insight over the next few weeks. 

I'm going start at the highest level. Up in the Clouds! Since I know many people are looking for an update on The Oracle Cloud. We will drill down into the cloud and other topics for CRM and Customer Experience sessions in the next set of posts.

Below is a list of some of the Oracle executive keynotes during OpenWorld highlighting The Oracle Cloud and applications related topics (the full list is here). In these sessions you will get details on Oracle's strategy and how Oracle is changing the industry to help our customers be more efficient, effective and innovative.

Sunday, September 30 6:00pm - 7:00pm Larry Ellison: Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together: Why it's a Different Approach

Tuesday, October 2 8:45am - 9:45am Thomas Kurian: The Oracle Cloud: Oracle's Cloud Platform and Application's Strategy

Tuesday, October 2 3:30pm - 4:30pm Larry Ellison: The Oracle Cloud: Where Social is Built in

Thursday, October 4 9:45am - 10:45am Mark Hurd: See More, Act Faster: Oracle Business Analytics

We encourage you to also join the keynotes on the Oracle Database and Cloud Infrastructure and the fascinating partner keynotes, as well. Check the full list on the OpenWorld site.

Oh, if you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? OpenWorld Registration Details.

Thursday Aug 23, 2012

What is the ROI of Customer Experience?

By delivering exceptional customer experiences, companies can acquire new customers, retain more customers, and improve efficiency.

What would that be worth to your company? How we you evaluate the return on your investment?

This new report and webinar by the Temkin Group, based on a survey of top companies and 13,000 consumers across the US and the UK, explains how.

Want to learn more from global leaders of the Experience Revolution such as Anthony Lye, Seth Godin, and Bruce Temkin? Join us at the Customer Experience Summit at the Oracle OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco, October 3-5. Early Bird registration discounts end September 5.

Tuesday Aug 07, 2012

Forrester on How to Navigate the Future of Customer Service

How do you use customer service as a competitive advantage today? Are you struggling to balance cost management and customer satisfaction? The facts:

  • Eighty-six percent of customer service decision-makers say that a good customer experience is one of their top strategic priorities
  • Sixty-three percent say that they want their customer experience to be the best in their industry
  • Thirteen percent say that they want to be a leader in customer experience across all industries

Tune in to this informative, on-demand webcast with Forrester Research. Our speakers are Kate Leggett, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, and John Perez, Customer Experience Strategist, Oracle RightNow. Kate Leggett is a leading expert on customer service strategies, as well as a published author on customer service trends and best practices. Her research focuses on helping organizations establish customer service strategies and deliver successful customer service projects. John Perez has extensive experience of working on customer experience programs with organizations across a range of industries. He works with Oracle RightNow clients to build customer experience strategies that improve efficiency and productivity, increase sales, and drive customer loyalty.

Thursday Aug 02, 2012

Customer Experience Headlines CRM Quarterly Newsletter

CRM NewsletterThe latest CRM Newsletter is hot off the "virtual" presses. Are you a subscriber? If not, click here to subscribe to any Oracle communications and receive the newsletter via email.

This quarter's Oracle CRM Newsletter features a number of articles on Customer Experience. Surprised? Probably not, as we've been paying a lot of attention to this critical subject in recent blog entries and events.

Want a brief overview explaining what Customer Experience is? The headline article is an interview with Jon Ekoniak, Oracle's vice president of applications marketing. Jon defines customer experience and why it is important to businesses.

If after reading the Q&A with Jon you are looking for more information, visit Oracle's Customer Experience website. But, if you are really ready to work on a successful customer experience initiative, attend Oracle's Customer Experience Summit @ OpenWorld on October 3-5 in San Francisco. This unique summit will bring together leading brands and experts to share their insights, success stories and lessons learned to help you and your organization succeed in the Experience Revolution. (Note: It does require a registration separate from OpenWorld)

Don't forget: The newsletter, distributed quarterly via email, consolidates recent information such as industry reports, press releases, customer success and upcoming events. It's not just Customer Experience. The newsletter also keeps you up to date on Fusion, Siebel, Commerce, Social and all of the related CRM offerings. So subscribe and stay informed!


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