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    February 13, 2017

CPQ and Commerce Cloud: A Digital Love Story

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may find yourself thinking of an appropriate gift for your significant other. If you are flying solo on Valentine’s Day, you may be looking forward to spending the evening treating yourself to a nice bottle of wine and not having to share with anyone. Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, one thing you may not realize is that an epic love story for the ages has been blossoming in the modern, digital space; one that touches the hearts of sales, procurement, and delivery personnel alike and may even bring a tear of joy to the CFO of your organization. The long-awaited tale of two individual software solutions forming a perfect match in one another. It’s the real-life digital love story of CPQ and ecommerce software.

If you are baffled by my analogy, I’d like you to remember that all good relationships, are essentially based on a strong partnership. A balancing act of give and take that requires two separate identities to complement one another and pick up where the other may falter and vice-versa. This is the very thought process that formulated the integration of Oracle CPQ and Commerce Cloud.

Each solution is great on its own, but they are better together. 

  • Commerce Cloud, the modern SaaS platform offering retailers a way to sell directly to customers and rapidly grow their business with modern, digital experiences, at lower cost.
  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is a flexible solution that enables organizations to accurately capture orders for more complex products and services, and to generate quotes in minutes.

Both allow your customers to self-service, a direction in which all buyers wish to move.

Bridge the Gap Between Expectations and Experiences

With Amazon becoming the gold standard for how online shoppers want their buying experiences to be, B2B organizations believe they are at a disadvantage in how they allow buyers to purchase from them. This Amazon paradigm and expectation is now moving to the business world. 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. The CPQ and Commerce Cloud integration can help bridge the gap between customer expectation and actual experience. It gives users a way to self-select their product of choice with the guided ability to configure, quote and purchase all within minutes, and alleviates labor intensive processes that have become outdated and increasingly expensive and frustrating. 

Integrated by Design for a Better User Experience

A well-integrated Commerce and CPQ solution should be seamless in both design and user experience. The flow of platforms should be so transparent, the user doesn’t know when one solution ends and the other begins. No pop-ups, extra windows opening or different UI that alters fluidity for the user. What one solution lacks in feature sets, the other should have, in order to keep the user in a steady stream through their buying journey. 

Intelligent Growth

In order to grow intelligently, a business needs to respond first, respond correctly and be unified. Intelligent growth however, can seem daunting and complicated if different channels, partners and geographies have disconnected experiences with your business. Integration between CPQ and Commerce Cloud gives businesses the ability to ensure consistent and accurate information across all touch points. Whether one rolls out a new line of products or there are pricing fluctuations in services, businesses can easily expand internationally and target new geographies and new channel partners, to deliver a true omnichannel experience.

The electronic marriage of CPQ and Commerce Cloud platforms is truly a thing of beauty that propels customer experience into an area that users want but probably don’t expect. The next time you think of poignant love stories remember the one of CPQ and Commerce Cloud, a modern, digital love story. 

See How They Work Together

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