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Cooking Up Reporting Success with the Analytics Cookbook

How do you measure the value your organization receives from Oracle Service Cloud? What metrics are you using to prove the value of you and your team's work?

There are many different ways to communicate the value you're getting from Oracle Service Cloud. You can identify what trends are happening in your site, easily determine agent coaching opportunities or leverage data-driven insights to find specific ways of improving your overall operation. Oracle Service Cloud Analytics allows many variations on how you might tell your story. Between use cases, data combinations and functionality, it can be very challenging for report creators to know where to start (aka report writer's block).

To help with this challenge, we provide over 750 canned reports within Oracle Service Cloud. Even with all those canned reports, there are many use cases that aren't and can't be covered with a canned report due of the vast number of ways sites are implemented. 

Enter....the Oracle Service Cloud Analytics Cookbook! The intent of this resource is to bridge the divide between use cases, data combinations and functionality to help you find and tell the story behind all of those 1's and 0's and to help address the many, different custom report questions that come up. Providing a learning tool that can help to bridge the gap between use case, data, and functionality was important enough to add it to my normal responsibilities.  After of very late nights, great input, and recipe creation by partners and internal Oracle folks, it is my pleasure (and my wife's relief!) to announce the launch of the Analytics Cookbook!  I invite all of you report newbies and seasoned data detectives to join us in learning from each other to build all of our reporting expertise. 

The Analytics Cookbook is broken into two sections:

  • Reporting Technique Videos look at individual functionality available in the Analytics tool, including how to
    configure the functionality plus any subtle tips and tricks. Think of these videos
    like the cookbook that covers how to brown burger and sweat garlic.

  • Report Recipes provide report descriptions and instructions, including:
    • High level description of the use case being served
    • Details of the complicated sections within the report
    • List of ingredients (aka list of Analytics functionality used in the report) with
      applicable links to reporting technique videos
    • Human readable (PDF) AND importable report definition (XML) files
    • Report screen shot(s)

If there are functional areas in the recipe ingredients list (aka list of Analytics functionality used) that you are not familiar with, simply click the link and watch the reporting technique video or review the documentation to learn about that specific functionality. The recipe also includes the use case (the "Why") and an expanded description for areas of the report you might get hung up on (the "What").

Although the Analytics Cookbook includes many resources for beginner report chefs, it doesn't stop there...we have intermediate and advanced report recipes too! We are particularly excited to feature report recipes in this launch from our Community members, specifically some of the miraculous reporting matadors who can effortlessly use their "muleta" to pass through the charge of endless possible combinations of data and functional configurability (Olé!!). If you are a seasoned report guru you might learn a thing (or ten!) from the report gurus who shared how they have solved a use case/data puzzle to tell their stories. In
the handful of recipes we put together for this launch, I have already learned a few cool, new tricks that have escaped me in my previous decade of work in Oracle Service Cloud Analytics!

On that note, I wanted to recognize and thank the master reporting chefs who contributed to the Analytics Cookbook launch:

  • Community members (who also answer a LOT of questions in the "Reporting and Analytics" forum board):

  • Oracle Service Cloud team members:
    • Joe Landers, Senior CX Strategist, contributed 1 recipe
    • Larry Chien, Principal Client Success Manager, contributed 1 recipe
    • Mehrzad Kootar, Solution Consultant - Business Intelligence Specialist, contributed 1 recipe containing
      3 reports and a Consolidated Dashboard
    • Levi D, Customer Care Operations, contributed 1 recipe

  • Keep in mind these members donated their expertise and time to create a recipe to help you be more successful with Analytics. They may help answer questions, but they are not providing custom report support. If you enjoy a recipe or get help from these folks, keep them in mind when you're looking to hire a partner/consultant to help with your next project! smiley

We anticipate opening up the Analytics Cookbook to include report recipes from others in the Community. If you find this resource helpful and/or you have a report you're proud of, please consider contributing a report recipe.

As we build and tap into the collective community brain, we will find many useful recipes to help build you into seasoned master report chefs within this very powerful product. You may learn a new recipe that satisfies the most finicky appetite (like your overstressed, overworked boss) while simultaneously increasing your status and the success of your kitchen. You may learn a prep trick that saves you time and effort in your Oracle Service Cloud kitchen. Perhaps you will find a new way to tell an existing story that gives it that intuitive "flavor" that is missing today. 

I look forward to learning new tricks to help slice through data, ingenious ways to accomplish our goals, newfangled idea combinations, and providing help for those of you that are new to Oracle Service Cloud reporting. I am happy to bring to life a tool that will hopefully enable you to tell your stories with much greater success.

Olé and Bon Appétite!


Kenny T

Product Manager, Analytics


Fine Print:

  • Recipes are Donated Resources
    • Use at your own risk
    • These are not a supported resource (neither creator nor OSvC Support/Product Management)
    • Post questions to community
  • Site configurations vary widely... Validate reports on your data
  • Custom Scripts:
    • Contributors: No malicious code in custom scripts
    • Users: Importing reports containing custom scripts prompted you on import.  If the recipe post does not mention a custom script and you are prompted, do not import the custom script and let us know (flag post)
    • Use at your own risk... Have an appropriate technical resource from your organization review all custom script code provided PRIOR to running a report with a custom script
  • All references to personally identifiable information (PII) should be removed and/or blurred from report definition, screen shots, custom scripts, etc.
  • Occasionally recipes will be added to OSvC as canned reports where applicable
  • Recipe posts locked for comments

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Comments ( 6 )
  • Barrilito van Dijk Friday, April 29, 2016

    Hi Kenny / Erica,

    Great idea these cookbooks, all the ingredients are among us in the community!!

    Best regards,


  • eleep Monday, May 2, 2016

    Thanks Barrilito! We are excited about building the collective community brain with
    ya'll and helping improve everyone's ability to get data-driven insights and measure
    the ROI of their efforts. laugh

  • Elena Brown Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    Hats off to the entire team who worked on the Analytics Cookbook. After reviewing
    it and getting an overview at the Modern Service Conference, I know that it will be
    a phenomenal resource for the entire OSC user community. This is especially true for
    those of us who do not have coding backgrounds and typical learn through trial and

    The cookbook will be a much used Favorite Bookmark for me.

    Elena Brown

    Meridium, Inc.

  • eleep Friday, May 6, 2016

    Thanks so much for your feedback and kind words, Elena. That's music to our ears and
    was definitely the driver behind creating this resource! Personally, I'm in the same
    place as you since I'm a business user who needs to build and run community reports,
    and I have benefited tremendously from a some of Kenny's Analytics mentoring. But
    it's hard to make that kind of 1-on-1 mentoring scale, so we're excited to offer this
    learning resource. :) :)

  • FBaranelli Wednesday, July 13, 2016

    Good way to go!

  • Ammar Aldaffaie Tuesday, October 24, 2017

    This is very helpful! our management always asking for a new report and they love
    dashboards with all these different reports. Thank you so much for sharing this great

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