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Connecting Customer Experiences with Artificial Intelligence

Monica Thong
Solution Engineer, Oracle CX Cloud

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer represented by “Rosie the Robot” - the mechanical maid from the classic cartoon series “The Jetsons.” Nor is it the title character from the Will Smith film “I, Robot.” AI technology is real and it’s here today.  AI is the development of computer systems that perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, translation between languages and much more. AI is in our smartphones, our software, our home appliances and even our accessories. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri all allow people to use AI with digital assistants and chatbots. 

The growth of AI is exploding.  Gartner predicts workplace growth where 25% of digital workers will use virtual employee assistants daily in just one year! Another study claims that by 2024 the “Smart Home Penetration Rate could be approximately 52.4%!” 

One adopter using AI to innovate is Hermes, a fast-growing package delivery company from Germany. They used Oracle’s Digital Assistant to create a bot they named “Holly.” Holly is used to answer customer service questions, which reduces chat volumes and helps redefine their human support interactions. This in turn provides a better customer experience and makes them more efficient.

Chris White, Director of Customer Experience from Hermes shared, “We’ve taken away the mundane activity and freed up the human agents to handle the tricky cases—especially those instances that require experience and sensitivity.”

Holly handles simpler tasks so live agents can provide better quality of care to more complicated matters. This in turn helps Hermes scale the business faster. White explains, “Holly automates a huge volume of transactions with our customers and with our network of couriers.”

AI Impacts Sales

Traditional account and contact management is outdated in 2020. The need to go beyond salesforce automation with emerging technology such as Oracle Sales Assistant is now essential to today’s sophisticated sales professionals. Sales need tools to access and enter account information from mobile devices in real time so that equipped with the right information, reps can walk into an account knowing the right questions to ask. Thus they won’t waste time and can provide their customers with a better, more personalized experience.

DB Schenker is a division of the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on logistics. Operating in 72 countries, their sales executives can access information at any hour of the day, online or offline. Their 7,000 sales reps are equipped with a powerful mobile app that delivers a user experience they're excited about.

Oracle CX Sales, used on desktop and mobile can help make their reps more relevant and productive by using AI and machine learning to access customer information with voice commands that inform 'next best step' recommendations to close deals faster.

Creating Better, More Personal Experiences

Heineken Urban Polo embraces Oracle's Chat Bot to give their attendees at live events a unique, personalized experience. Instead of broadcasting the same information to all, they opted for messaging to each individual customer, providing immediate positive feedback.

Simon Wilson, the Managing Director at Heineken Urban Polo said that “Oracle Cloud has significantly enhanced the customer experience through more personalized communication. Attendees can get all the information they want, when they want, through the messaging tools they’re already using. The digital concierge has been very well received and we are looking to continue testing as we expand the event series later this year.”

Artificial Intelligence is embedded into Oracle Cloud Solutions, including Oracle Digital Assistants and Chatbots, that can take your business to the next level. Time is of the essence and executives need to quickly adapt to industry disruptions and consumer behaviors. As data grows at an exponential rate, technology is leveraged to analyze large amounts of data and help support faster, better-informed business decisions. Leveraging Oracle Cloud Solutions with AI Technology can help scale your business faster and provide a better connected experience with your employees and customers. 

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