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Commerce and Service are Two Sides of the Same Customer Experience Coin

Guest Author

By Daniel Foppen, Senior Principal Product Manager Oracle Service Cloud

Digital commerce and customer service go hand-in-hand.

To meet growing customer expectations, commerce and customer service professionals have to offer modern, friction-free, and personalized customer experiences. Whether consumers are shopping or seeking customer service, they want intuitive and highly personalized interactions that are convenient, uniquely relevant to them, with the confidence the company they’re engaging with will support them.

While most organizations would agree with these objectives, most still approach their digital, commerce, and service strategies with different technology solutions. That’s understandable when all too often, different departments manage them.  However, the consumer doesn’t care – they just see your brand. From this perspective, these areas must be connected and part of a seamless customer journey.

For example, when customers browse items on your website, they're able to review product details. But, they may have questions about the warranty process – information that is not typically displayed in the product section. Normally, a customer would go to your website’s support section to answer that question. This journey isn’t ideal because it lures customers away from the site’s shopping pages. What if the product page could also offer access to the customer service knowledge base? What if they could interact with the social service handle, or begin a live chat with a service agent? This approach makes more sense if your goal is to increase sales by providing convenient and informative experiences.

Take another example. When a customer calls your contact center with a question about a product or an order, today’s consumer expects to be able to ask anything to anyone, and get the right answer. That means service agents are expected to have full access to the customer’s complete purchase history, preferences, products currently in shopping carts, and every other detail in the customer service system. This is only possible if your service and commerce departments are connected.

I recently had the pleasure to spend some time with our customer Special.T by Nestlé in Switzerland. I was impressed by how far they had gone to integrate their customers’ commerce and service experiences.  I really liked their teas as well! Watch this inspiring video to learn how Special.T is able to offer a seamless customer experience.

At Oracle, we strongly believe in creating value through integrated online and offline commerce and service experiences. Your customers want simple, connected, and consistent experiences, and our CX Cloud Suite can help you meet these expectations. What’s getting in your way of offering such an experience to your customers?


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