Tuesday Oct 22, 2013

Understanding When Social Interactions Should Be Resolved in Another Channel

Agents need to respond to customers’ social comments and questions quickly and in the right tone. But more importantly, they need to offer resolutions. Customers care most about how long it takes to find information rather than which channel they are using. [Read More]

Wednesday Sep 04, 2013

Getting Started with Social Customer Service

Guest Blogger: Aphrodite Brinsmead, Senior Analyst at Ovum

In my last blog I talked about the value of using social channels to support your customer service efforts.  Here I’ll talk about understanding the most relevant social media tools and how to handle queries and issues.

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Thursday Aug 29, 2013

Why Social Customer Service? Why Now?

Guest Blogger: Aphrodite Brinsmead, Senior Analyst at Ovum

Social media has become a daily part of life for many. But what is its purpose and why have we become so reliant on these tools? It hasn’t replaced phone conversations, texts, emails or even real life meetings; rather it has become a useful addition. On a simple level, it’s an ever evolving, admittedly often infuriating, view into friends’ lives, a way to send messages, show off, or digitally curate the way we want to be perceived.

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Monday Feb 27, 2012

Measuring Search Success – not as easy as you might think.

When you implement a new process, tool, environment, etc. you generally want to know that you are making things better. How you measure success can be complicated and many times inaccurate. The success of a web self service site is largely impacted by the success of the search engine you choose to deploy.

 Hopefully your main driver for building a web self help site was to provide faster more accurate and consistent solutions to your customers’ issues. A side benefit of a good wed self help site is that many calls are deflected from the contact center agents. Although it may be obvious that case deflection is occurring, putting an exact number on deflection can be difficult and dangerous.

 The below white paper gives you some insight as to how to measure the success of your search engine and how that relates to case deflection, if there is any relationship at all.

Measuring Search Success and Understanding Its Relationship to Call Deflection

Monday Feb 13, 2012

Exalogic & Exadata: The Optimal Platform for Oracle Knowledge

Increasing customer satisfaction while containing service costs in an ever more competitive landscape is critical to ensuring business success. One of the largest factors contributing to service costs is lengthy calls into the contact center. Contact center managers are constantly striving to shave seconds off of call handling times. Improving the performance with Oracle Knowledge (formerly InQuira) can reduce average call handling times while improving customer satisfaction. Improving the performance with Oracle Knowledge can also improve web-facing performance. According to Jupiter Research, 33% of dissatisfied website visitors attributed their dissatisfaction to the website being too slow.


Oracle’s engineered system (hardware and software optimized to work together) for Oracle Knowledge is the Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle’s engineered system for the Oracle database is the Exadata Database Machine. Together, these engineered systems can improve customer satisfaction by improving the performance of Oracle Knowledge by 2x over its already industry-leading baseline performance on a traditional hardware/software stack. For an organization receiving 250,000 calls per day, that translates to $21.9m in savings per year in just contact center labor – not including the benefits of consolidation, integrated management/monitoring, and any additional top-line revenue that is gained by loyal customers who receive an excellent support experience.


Learn more about how Oracle Knowledge, coupled with the right platform, can lower your costs and increase your customers’ satisfaction levels.


Exalogic & Exadata: The Optimal Platform for Oracle Knowledge

Monday Jan 23, 2012

Cost Pressure versus Satisfaction Demand

The pressure on Service Executives today comes from both ends. You are being asked to lower your costs to help meet corporate financial goals, and customers are demanding faster, better service to help them meet their goals.


Although these goals seem to conflict, there are ways to do both. Knowledge Management tools have been around for a long time, but companies are getting varying levels of success. Along with the right tools, you also need to have the right vision for implementing those tools in a way that meets your financial and operational objectives.


Taking advantage of today’s advanced integration of industry proven solutions can help you both lower costs and improve customer service.


This white paper, “Lower Costs and Boost Customer Loyalty by Injecting Knowledge into CRM” will give you some of the vision and guidance needed to implement a successful operational change that will help you succeed in both internal and external arenas.  Check it out, and let us know how we can help you move forward down the path to success.

Monday Dec 12, 2011

Intelligence, Collaboration, Insight

Three key elements of a winning formula for customer support. Customers want to find answers fast. Agents that have instant access to the collective knowledge of the entire team, plus the insight of who is asking, and the context of the situation, have the ability to wow a customer. Forcing agents, or customers, to research a solution that has previously been researched, wastes their time and delays the solution. Making a customer explain the context of the issue multiple times, causes frustration, not satisfaction.


These issues, and many more, are addressed with Knowledge-Infused CRM. Capture knowledge as it is created. Quickly make that new knowledge available to everyone that needs it. Eliminate costly redundant research. Provide more correct answers faster, through your web self service site. Give customers a positive experience that increases their loyalty. Learn how to make all of this a reality.


Knowledge-Infused Customer Relationship Management: A Game-Changing Investment for Customer Support, is a white paper that will help you develop a vision and strategy for lowering your costs while increasing your level of service.

Monday Nov 21, 2011

Need Help With Conflicting Customer Support Goals?

It seems that every OPS review Customer Support Executives are being asked to improve the customer KPIs while also improving gross margin. This is a tough road for even experienced leaders. You need to reduce your agents research time while increasing their answer accuracy. You want to spend less time training them while growing the number of products and systems being used. You have to deal with increasing service volumes but at the same time you need to focus on creating appropriate service insight. After all, to be a great support center you not only have to be good at answering questions, you also need to be good at preventing them.


Five Key Benefits of knowledge Management in Customer Service will help you start down the path meeting these, and other, objectives. With Oracle Knowledge Products, fully integrated with Oracle’s CRM solutions, you can accomplish both increased  service demand while driving your costs down. And you can handle both while positively impacting the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.  Take advantage of Oracle to not only provide you with a great integrated tool suite, but also with the vision to drive you down the path of success.

Monday Nov 07, 2011

Do you have a Services Social Media Strategy?

At this year’s Technology Services World (TSW) in Las Vegas, Social Media was again/still one of the buzz words. There were several sessions covering how various companies are dealing with the social side of business. Having also struggled with how to incorporate social into support, I know it is not an easy problem to solve. In some cases social tools, like Twitter, do not really help you service your customers, but they certainly help you find the ones you did not service very well. If you are not plugged in, there could be entire conversations going on about you or your brand without your involvement.

Companies have started creating positions aimed at getting social understood and leveraged. You are starting to see positions like “Director of Social Interaction” and “Vice President of Social Strategies”. I believe companies that take this movement seriously will come out ahead of their competitors. Companies that ignore it, or are slow to address it, will likely reduce in size and influence.

If how to address social in your business is keeping you up at night, take a few minutes and check out this white paper: Four Fundamentals for Using Social Networks to Improve the Customer Experience. Let me know your thoughts.


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