Friday Apr 17, 2015

Productivity – A Priority for Every Business Leader by Caesar Peter

Oracle CloudWorld was held on the first week of April in India. Interestingly, the summit coincided with the new financial year in India and hence performance strategy was top of mind for almost every business leader with whom I met.

Generally, the most popular discussions during these events are about setting a higher sales budget, IT application, project status, economy etc., On contrast to this popular approach, it was wonderful to note that most of the business leaders spoke about improvising the employees' productivity, spearheading the change right from their sales folks.
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Friday Feb 27, 2015

Are Your Sales Interactions on the Road to Nowhere?

How many innovative or disruptive products do you encounter regularly? Probably more than you think. An interesting article in BusinessWeek a few months ago shared the 85 most disruptive ideas of the past 85 years. When reviewing the list, number 16 seemed a bit out of place: a relatively obvious invention from 1956 – the first container ship followed by standard dimensions for shipping containers. While this idea may be obvious in hindsight, the impact has been astounding.[Read More]

Thursday Oct 16, 2014

Four Lessons from Junior Soccer: Can Everyone Actually Be a Winner?

I’m a parent, and have faced that common moment-of-truth debate: should every kid on the soccer team receive a trophy, simply for participating?  Should we keep score in Little League baseball?  I’m also a capitalist: I believe in healthy competition, coaching for everyone who needs it, and rewards for the strongest achievers.  In professional selling, which is my research focus, there are obvious winners and losers: even on high-performing business development teams, the tote board on the wall or the CRM dashboard loudly proclaims who wins the watch, who gets the steak knives, and…you know the rest.  

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Wednesday Oct 15, 2014

Upcoming Webcast with Hitachi Consulting and Bain & Company: Modern Sales in the Cloud

Don't miss this upcoming webcast featuring industry thought leader Bain & Company and Oracle Sales Cloud adopter Hitachi Consulting on October 30th at 2 pm EST. Learn about the latest trends affecting sales organizations and why Oracle Sales Cloud became a strategic platform for Hitachi Consulting’s Oracle field-sales organization.

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Thursday Oct 09, 2014

CPQ Everywhere: How Direct, Channel, Enterprise, and Middlers Seal the Deal

Ask most B2B sales reps why they won their last deal, and they’ll undoubtedly take sole credit for the win.  Query as to the story behind their most recent loss, and the culpability suddenly shifts toward…well, anyone but themselves. And it’s probably due to pricing, right?  Let’s look at the data to decide.  [Read More]

Friday Oct 03, 2014

Configure, Price, Quote: Behind the Curtain, Ahead of the Curve

Second in a series of guest posts by Peter Ostrow,VP & Research Group Director, Customer Management, Sales Effectiveness, Aberdeen Group. The first post delivered a compelling argument for Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) solutions as a must-have component of your sales effectiveness efforts. The business case was backed-up by recent Aberdeen research on performance results between CPQ adopters and non-users.

A must-read for sales and sales operations leaders looking to build a business case for CPQ Ostrow quantifies the savings and selling advantages—from proposal turn-around time and manpower reductions to accelerating sales cycles for front-line sellers, enabling them to work smarter, not harder.


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Saturday Sep 20, 2014

Why CPQ? Why Me?

Guest post by Peter Ostrow,VP & Research Group Director, Customer Management, Sales Effectiveness, Aberdeen Group

Welcome to the first of our five-blog journey focusing on the fast-growing niche of Configure / Price / Quote deployments. Many end-users consume our Sales Effectiveness market research and ask, “Is this or that technology a nice-to-have, or a must-have?” The answer depends entirely on the imperatives of each individual business, and the marching orders Sales Operations receives from management that guide its sales enablement strategies. Aberdeen’s newest research on the topic, soon to be published in “Got Friction? Workflow Fixes that Shorten the B2B Sales Cycle,” weighs in on the side of “must-have” when it comes to any technology enabler that is proven to remove barriers from closing B2B sales deals.

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Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

How Does a 724% Return on Your Salesforce Automation Investment Sound?

Oracle Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud customer Apex IT gained just that, a 724% return on investment (ROI) when they implemented these Oracle Cloud solutions in their fast-moving, rapidly-growing business.

This achievement just helped them win the Nucleus Research 11th annual Technology ROI Awards. The award, given by the analyst firm highlights organizations that have successfully leveraged IT deployments to maximize value per dollar spent.

Read more to get the details on what Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud are doing for Apex IT's business and why they won.

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Monday May 19, 2014

Oracle Sales Cloud – How Implementation Training Can Help You Meet Your Business Needs by Jim Vonick

With an Oracle Sales Cloud deployment, the ultimate goal is to accelerate the implementation and adoption of your applications so that your business can start realizing all the benefits that this rich solution offers.

Implementation team members need to have the skills and knowledge to ensure a smooth, rapid and successful implementation of your Oracle Sales Cloud applications. During set-up, you want to optimize the configuration for your business, and you may want to extend the as-delivered applications.

In order to do this, you need to understand the foundation and configuration options of your applications so that decisions can be made during set-up that best align with your business. To that end, product level implementation training is recommended for Oracle Sales Cloud deployments.

Training For Administrators and Implementers

Oracle Sales Cloud: Implementation: This course is ideal for implementation team members, who need to learn how to perform the tasks involved in an initial implementation of Oracle Sales Cloud. 

Oracle Sales Cloud: Incentive Compensation: Learn how to implement, configure and use Incentive Compensation, including how to manage performance-based compensation and explore incentive compensation setup and management tasks. 

Training For Developers and Implementers

Oracle Sales Cloud Extensibility: Learn how to alter, customize and extend the as-delivered Oracle Sales Cloud applications.

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Friday Apr 18, 2014

Customer Relationship Management Simplified – Why User Adoption is a Key Metric

"Out of all the CRM project problems reported, we found the most significant threat to be slow user adoption."

— Bill Band, Principal Analyst, Forrester

So you’ve purchased a state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your Sales organization. Your goals: better forecasts, closing more deals, and ultimately increasing revenue. But are people using it?

Read on and learn about:

  • The three primary challenges that can get in your way
  • Oracle's take on addressing user adoption challenges
  • The benefits Oracle Sales Cloud customers are experiencing
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