Thursday Sep 15, 2011

Improve Case Management with Oracle Public Sector CRM

In today’s economic and social climate, government agencies must continue to find ways to do more with less.  Many face a challenging road to balance growing demands for quality services and programs with pressures to show results and cut costs.

Watch this short video on Oracle’s latest innovations for Public Sector Case Management that can help agencies improve the delivery of government services to citizens.  Includes a short preview demo by Oracle expert Tiffany Blair of CRM Product Management for Public Sector.

Learn more about Case Management for Government and  view an interactive map on Oracle's Solutions for Social Services.

Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Add Revenue with Insurance Innovations for CRM

Insurers who are growing engage directly with agents and customers using their preferred channels, measure risk and profitability accurately to enable rapid decision-making, and transform aging IT infrastructure so that the business can drive down costs and protect eroding margins.

Oracle’s latest innovations for the insurance industry can help you increase your premium revenues by optimizing your distribution channel. See a short preview demo on how Oracle increases a channel manager’s productivity, and learn more about the Oracle CRM On Demand Insurance Solution.

Thursday Sep 08, 2011

Support Customer-Centric Financial Services with Oracle CRM


Banking mega-trends related to customer centricity include customer experience management, social influence and cross channel treatment strategies.  At the same time business objectives of profitability, growth and brand are not always aligned with customer desires around service, value and insight.

Watch this short video on Oracle’s latest CRM Innovations for Financial Services that help align these objectives and enable a customer-centric strategy. Includes a short preview demo by Oracle expert Sandra Sanvido of CRM Product Management for Financial Services.

Read the TowerGroup white paper on “Evolving CRM: What’s The Next Best Action?” and watch the supporting webcast. Learn more about Oracle’s offerings for Banking.

Wednesday Sep 07, 2011

Engage Shoppers Directly with Oracle CRM for Consumer Goods

Some of the major trends driving much of the innovation in Consumer Goods sales and marketing include the drive to engage with and potentially selling to evolving consumers, need to enable demand driven customer and category planning, and the goal to optimize retail and market execution.   

Watch this short video on Oracle’s latest sales and marketing innovations for Consumer Goods that enhance consumer-engagement processes and address these trends.  Includes a short preview demo by Oracle expert Angélique Moon of CRM Product Management for Consumer Goods.  

View an earlier webinar with Peppers & Rogers Group  Align Your Brand to What Consumers Demand.       Read more about Oracle’s solutions for Consumer Goods.

Tuesday Sep 06, 2011

Better Engage Customers with Oracle CRM for Communications

Major challenges and opportunities in the Communications industry often include cross channel customer experience and data services expansion.  Watch this short video on Oracle’s latest CRM Industry Innovations for Communications that enable a cross-channel customer experience, rapid introduction of new services and advanced product promotions.  Includes a short preview demo by Oracle expert Brenda Harris of CRM Product Management for Communications.

Read more about Oracle’s offerings for Communications including Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery.  Listen to experiences with fast effective Order Management.

Wednesday Aug 17, 2011

Introducing Oracle’s CRM Industry Innovations Video Series

At Oracle, we’ve helped more companies leverage technology to solve industry-specific business challenges in sales, marketing and service.  In particular, we’ve identified six key CRM megatrends that companies are grappling with today.  These megatrends include cross channel, mobility, social media, customer driven solutions, cloud computing and real-time decisioning.  As part of Oracle’s Industry Innovation Series, we will highlight some of the thought leadership our Industry CRM Product Management team is providing to help customers address these megatrends and major industry challenges.

Watch this short 7 minute video to hear Carey Wong of Oracle Development summarize these trends and highlight how Oracle’s industry teams are addressing the trends with innovative CRM industry capabilities.

Tuesday Aug 09, 2011

Looming Healthcare Deadlines Place New Emphasis on Flexible IT Solutions

Looming Healthcare Deadlines Place New Emphasis on Flexible IT Solutions

Government organizations are under pressure to meet the provisions of last year’s Affordable Care Act. At the top of the list is a requirement to launch health insurance exchanges. With deadlines looming and budgets strapped for cash, many states are looking to new IT solutions to help them quickly get new services up and running.

Oracle addresses these needs with
Oracle’s health information exchange solutions, which are built with open standards for securely exchanging electronic health information. Key applications in the portfolio include Oracle’s Siebel Case Management and Oracle Policy Automation. 

Read more.

Tuesday Jun 14, 2011

Oracle CRM Industry-Specific Innovations

Oracle VP Aaron Shidler on Oracle's Top 5 CRM Industry-Specific Innovations
As vice president of Oracle Fusion Application strategy, industry veteran Aaron Shidler has a unique view into the breadth and depth of Oracle Applications. We asked him why Oracle is significantly expanding investment in industry-specific CRM solutions—and to tell us about some of the latest innovations. 
According to Shidler, the most exciting industry-specific innovations include


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