Thursday Jun 21, 2012

Banco Espírito Santo Increases Sales Campaign Success Rate with Siebel CRM

Banco Espírito Santo (BES), founded in 1869, is the second-largest private financial institution in Portugal with a 20.3% domestic market share, 2.1 million customers, and more than 700 in-country branches. It also has a strong international presence with operations in 23 countries and four continents.

With strong growth in its major markets, BES needed a modern, cost-effective, scalable, and reliable customer relationship management (CRM) solution for its retail operations. The bank wanted to optimize client relationship management and integrate all customer touch points and service channels to improve the success of its sales and marketing initiatives.

BES implemented the same CRM solution as many other leading banks: Oracle's Siebel CRM.

With Siebel CRM 8.1 and other Oracle solutions, BES significantly increased sales of its new financial products across all channels by up to 25%, and it expects to increase annual revenue by up US$4 million annually. It also improved the success rate of bank branch sales, marketing, and lead generation campaigns by nearly 10%.

“We are very happy with Oracle’s Siebel CRM applications. We already knew that this was the best solution available, but it has surpassed our best expectations,” said João Manaças, Customer Relationship Management Manager, Personal Marketing Department, Banco Espírito Santo.

Click here to learn more about BES's use of Siebel CRM.

Wednesday Jun 13, 2012

Communications: BSNL Unifies The Customer Experience

Hear how BSNL achieved a unified customer experience across channels.  BSNL is India's number one telecommunications operator with 70M mobile customers and 20M wired customers. They consolidated 330 different districts and customer experiences into a single customer experience across the contact center, web, email and SMS.  Click here to listen to their journey. Read more about Oracle Communications.

Thursday May 31, 2012

Spirent Communications Improves Customer Experience with Knowledge Management

Spirent CommunicationsSpirent Communications plc is a global leader in test and measurement inspiring innovation within development labs, communication networks and IT organizations. The world’s leading communications companies rely on Spirent to help design, develop, validate, and deliver world-class network, devices, and services.

Spirent’s customers require high levels of support for a diverse and complex product portfolio, and the company is committed to delivering on this requirement. Spirent needed a solution to help its customers get the information they need quickly and at their convenience through its Web site.

After evaluating several solutions, Spirent selected and deployed Oracle Knowledge for Web Self Service Enterprise Edition. Oracle Knowledge Management uses natural language processing to understand the true intent of each inquiry logged via the support portal’s search function. The Spirent Knowledge Base on the company’s Customer Support Center (CSC) finds the best possible answer using search enhancement features―such as communications industry-specific libraries and federation to search external sources.

Spirent has reduced contact center call volume while better serving its customers. Each time a customer uses the knowledge base, they find answers faster than by calling, and it saves Spirent an average of US$210 per call―which is significant when multiplied across the thousands of calls received monthly. Oracle Knowledge also helps support engineers find answers more quickly, enabling the company to scale without adding additional support engineers. Oracle Knowledge is integrated with Spirent's Siebel Contact Center implementation to provide an integrated desktop for CRM and agent intelligence, avoiding the need for contact center personnel to toggle between various screens to address customer inquiries, thereby accelerating customer service.

Click here to learn more about Sprient's use of Siebel CRM and Oracle Knowledge Management.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

Grameenphone Completes Customer Calls 166% Faster, Grows Subscriber Base by 56% in Two Years


Grameenphone is Bangladesh’s leading mobile telecommunications service provider whose subscriber base consists of prepaid (97%) and postpaid (3%) cell phone users.  The company operates more than 13,000 cell phone base stations at approximately 7,000 locations across Bangladesh and has about 5,000 employees.  

Until late 2009, Grameenphone used approximately 40 applications to manage customer interactions, billing, and campaign management functions for its cell phone subscribers. These applications were not integrated, which meant it took too long for the contact center staff—who had to switch between multiple screens—to handle customer calls. Grameenphone also believed its customer churn rate (the proportion of subscribers who leave during a given time period) was related to product offers not being targeted enough to subscribers.

Grameenphone engaged Oracle Partner Wipro to deploy Siebel customer relationship management (CRM) products. The CRM system enabled fast and effective order management, reduced call handling times and subscriber churn rates, increased the number of targeted marketing campaigns that can be created each month, and helped convert more leads into paying customers. Customer data such as names, addresses and transaction information are stored in the Oracle Database 11g.

“The Siebel CRM and communications system helped us create more targeted campaigns and has improved customer service, which played a key role in the 56% growth of our subscriber base to 36 million in two years,” said Asif Naimur Rashid, general manager and head of enterprise planning, Grameenphone.  Read the full customer story here.

Thursday Apr 12, 2012

Why The Athene Group Chose Fusion CRM

A guest post by Vikas Bhambri, Managing Partner, The Athene Group

This year, The Athene Group ( celebrated our tenth anniversary. The company has accomplished a lot in ten years overcoming a number of hurdles and challenges to have grown organically to a 150+ person global company with offices in the US, UK, and India and customers in the US, Canada, and Europe. Now more than ever with the current global landscape from an economic and competitive standpoint it was vital that we make some changes to remain successful for the next ten years. There were two key initiatives that we discussed internally that would enable us to successfully accomplish this – collaboration and the concept of “insight to action”.

With our existing Oracle CRM On Demand platform we had components of this but not the full depth and breadth that we were looking for. When we started to discuss Fusion CRM we immediately saw several next generation tools that would embrace these two objectives. For a consulting and development organization the collaboration required between business development and consulting delivery is as important as the collaboration required during the projects between the project delivery and account management teams. The Activity Streams functionality in Fusion CRM immediately addressed the communication of key discussion topics and exchanges around our clients. Of course when we saw the Oracle Social Network (which is part of our Fusion CRM roadmap) we were blown away. The combination OSN and our CRM is going to make us more effective as we discuss and work cohesively on client engagements – ensuring mutual success for both Athene and our clients.

When we looked at “insight to action” we saw that we had a great platform when folks were at their desks, unfortunately a lot of our business development and consulting folks are on the road. The Fusion Mobile Sales and Fusion Outlook Desktop provide information to our teams when they are on the go. So that they can provide real-time information and react to real-time information provided by their peers.

We are in the early stages of our transformative experience with Fusion CRM but we believe the platform along with our people and processes are going to help us achieve our goals in the future.

Friday Mar 30, 2012

Travelocity Delivers Superior Customer Experience and Reduces Operating Costs with Oracle RightNow

RightNowTurning the spotlight to our newest member of the CRM and Customer Experience (CX) family, RightNow, we highlight one of many customer success stories. 

Travelocity is a leading provider of consumer-direct travel services for the leisure and business traveler. It markets and distributes travel-related products and services directly to individuals through Travelocity and its various brand websites and contact centers, and websites owned by its supplier and distribution partners.

Before RightNow, Travelocity was running one system for its agent desktop and a separate email solution. Toggling between systems was inefficient and cumbersome. The RightNow contact center solution enables Travelocity to react at a moment’s notice and get customers the information they need before, during, and after their trip while maximizing agent productivity and driving revenue. Superior customer experience is one key reason why Travelocity continues to be a leader in the industry.

The RightNow contact center solution supports Travelocity across its global brands with multi-channel support to provide superior care however customers communicate with the company—via phone, email, web, chat or mobile.

Click here to learn more about Travelocity's use of Oracle RightNow and review other RightNow success stories.

Thursday Feb 16, 2012

Where are you on the Customer Experience Curve?

Kerry Bodine from Forrester Research recently published a CX Curve to define stages of Customer Experience (CX) efforts. CX is not just an acronym, buzzword or trend.  Companies are making strategic decisions to affect change across their businesses and improve the customer experience. The video below is an example of one of our customers, Sony Ericsson, whose company wide commitment to customer experience has not only moved them to upper end of Ms. Bodine's curve, but also observed significant benefits.

Want to learn more about Oracle's plans to power great customer experiences, watch our recent webcast and stay tuned to our website for more information.

Thursday Jan 12, 2012

Montgomery County Improves Citizen Services with Siebel CRM

A couple of past blog entries highlighted Montgomery County Maryland's Siebel Contact Center implementation to support a new 311 call center. The video below shows a brief interview with Joann Butler, MC311 CRM Director, who provides an overview of the project and their results. Hear how Montgomery County consolidated thousands of different citizen contact points across the county in a single call center, which also supports web access and knowledgebase, for a "total transformation of government service intake."

Wednesday Sep 21, 2011

Learn How SurfStitch Caught The E-Commerce Wave In This “60 Minutes” Television News Magazine Segment

SurfStitch, Australia’s leading e-commerce sites for surf and fashion, humbly began with a small budget and a grand vision in the backyard shed of one of its creators.  Today, SurfStitch’s e-commerce website, powered by Oracle's ATG Web Commerce, features over 20,000 products and 200 plus brands, and racks up 30 million dollars a year.

Watch this television news magazine 60 Minutes segment, “The Retail Revolution”, as they profile SurfStitch and their adventures into e-commerce.

Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

IMSERSO Streamlines Case Management


IMSERSO Uses Integrated CRM System to Streamline Case Management of Elderly and Disabled Citizens

The Institute for Social Services for Elderly and Dependent (IMSERSO) is a public agency within the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Policy, and Equality. IMSERSO introduced the system for autonomy and care for dependent people (SAAD) to enable regional governments to manage their internal processes related to the law. Challenges included:

  • Introduce a reliable solution to quickly apply the “Law for Dependent People” in the 17 autonomous regions
  • Implement a case management solution to support execution of the law, such as evaluating dependent statuses, confirming rights to receive benefits, and calculating grants
  • Provide a multi-channel platform for providing information to the public—in person, via the internet, or via the call center

“With our claims management system, built on Oracle’s Siebel applications, we can ensure that we consistently apply the criteria for The Law for Dependent People across more than 1.5 million applicants and 700,000 beneficiaries.” – Javier Ballesteros, Director of Information Technology, Institute for Social Services for Elderly and Dependent (IMSERSO).  Learn more about the benefits.


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