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Artificial Intelligence in My Life

I recently attended the AI Summit in San Francisco where Melissa Boxer, Oracle’s VP of Adaptive Intelligent Applications gave her keynote on "Practical AI" from a CEO’s perspective.  While her presentation got me excited about all the new developments and solutions from Oracle, it also got me thinking about how pervasive AI is in my life, and maybe yours too.

We’re so busy with everything we do - whether it’s selling, marketing, or running a business, and all the while, catching up with life - dinners, exercise, Netflix and family time.

The way most mass media portrays Artificial Intelligence, it would appear that it’s right around the corner and we should all start to prepare for it. But what most of us don’t think about is that AI is already happening – right now.

Last week, I uploaded pictures on Facebook and it automatically recommended whom I should tag with photo recognition. Although this feature has been around for a while, every time this happens I think to myself, “This saves me so much time!” Guess what? This is AI.

Related to this, Instagram announced they use AI to automatically detect and filter out bullying comments. Businesses that touch our lifestyles are using AI to automate processes, but also to improve the way we use technology.

Then there are devices that have started to become a part of my reality. Before I go to sleep, I ask Alexa to set my alarm for 6am. Alexa wakes me up, and I ask her to play Spotify as I get ready. Then I ask her for the weather, or a traffic update. The possibilities are endless, trust me. The next time you come across Alexa, I dare you to say, “Alexa, Meow Meow.”

Banks have also started using AI. Bank of America launched Erica, a virtual voice assistant. You can ask her about your balance, when your credit card is due, and other questions about your banking needs. This is all happening today.

In the Marvel world, J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System), is Tony Stark’s artificial intelligence that can connect to Stark industries central database and Stark’s personal server to help fight evil as well as act as Stark’s voice of reason. Before I let my inner geek get carried away, theoretically, J.A.R.V.I.S. was connected as the central nervous system of everything that powered other systems to do, essentially, what Ironman can do.

Now let’s get back to reality- where we have AI popping up in our lives. Alexa, Siri, etc. Imagine you are waking up and all these systems are connected together. To be able to do this, all this cool new technology would be connecting all of your data into all these different systems, leveraging AI based off of what they learn about you in real-time.

AI is only good as the data that drives it

In today’s lifestyles, these technologies are not yet connected to be our one and only J.A.R.V.I.S. to make our lives better. However, in business, it is possible for you to leverage AI now.

If it all comes down to data and serving your customers, you need to have everything you can possibly know about a customer. Currently, Oracle is the largest 3rd party vendor of data that businesses can leverage with AI. Unlike other vendors, Oracle’s AI is built from the bottom up, to connect intelligence to each layer of applications- whether it’s for marketing, commerce, sales, HCM or ERP.

As we start to leverage and invest in AI, it’s important to learn as much as possible about what this means to your business and how you can truly capitalize on a connected data-driven solution. If you want to learn more about Adaptive Intelligent Apps, I would encourage anyone who’s interested to attend the AI Summit in New York on December 5-6 or click here to read more about how Oracle 's machine learning cloud apps strategy.


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