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All Hail Marketing Scale!

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When I came over to Oracle from Siebel Systems, we had 55,000 employees. Now we have 100,000 employees. Honestly, the "feel" to me is no different than it had been well over four years ago. And if anything, the systems we as employees interact with on a daily basis have gotten continuously better. By better I mean: more feature laden, easier to use, and higher performing. Among the "things" this company has improved continuously on is scaling.

Here is my point. As I write this, I'm sitting at an Oracle Open World session focused on the use of Oracle's end-to-end marketing applications here at the company. Honestly, after hearing a few factoids, I'm having a hard time paying attention, because my mind is simply spinning.

Here are some of those factoids:

  • Prior to deployment of this system, Oracle used a variety of applications, some legacy.

  • These systems were not integrated. This resulted in excess manual work-arounds, compromised execution capabilities, and limited visibility into results obtained. Sound familiar?

  • The goals set three years ago: institute a set of global processes as part of a global shared services model, ensure data quality and integrity, improve quantity and quality of lead flow and get leads to Sales more quickly, provide end-to-end reporting, demonstrably increase marketing ROI, and SCALE.
  • Results: 3X improvement in marketing ROI in the last year alone

    Now, let's talk scale. This system has 33,000 internal users. 1,200 of these employees are in Marketing. This system powers 10,000 marketing events per year and 10 million emails per week. This system contains 1.5 million accounts, 18 million contacts, and 125 million prospects.

    I'm not even touching the "meat" the presenter is sharing, including how we're deploying predictive reporting, the elaborate processes behind email campaign execution, lead scoring and routing, etc.

    I promise you I'm not sharing this information to brag, but rather to impress upon you how we all can lose perspective on both the technology and the human components required to solve problems and achieve goals in our respective organizations. And we can lose sight of the scale required to drive the revenue line upward and the cost line downward. Having spent most of my career at companies a fraction of Oracle's size, I know these challenges and opportunities are not the sole domain of multi-billion dollar behemoths.

    My point: If you're out to create the next multi-billion dollar behemoth, or at the very least, change the world, you may want to take a closer look at our marketing solutions.

    Footnote: In my last post I highlighted the latest release of Oracle CRM On Demand, which provides the industry's first combined best-in-class sales and marketing solution from a single provider. Here is the press release we broke out here at Open World this week. Want to learn more? Tune into this Webcast.

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