Thursday Feb 14, 2013

For Customer Service, Social Isn’t the End Game – It’s a Way to Change the Game

Differentiating your business through your customer experience is paramount. For Service organizations Social brings new strategies and tactics to be mastered and tuned to your business. There's also a lot of hype around Social in-general. Keeping your existing business objectives in mind and adding Social to the mix through achievable steps and strategies will yield the best results. 

  • Avoid the Social Silo – It’s a new channel that needs to be incorporated into your overall Service strategy
  • Social isn’t a Marketing or a Service Thing – It’s a customer experience thing and we’re all on the hook to deliver.
  • Social Will Change the Game – The pace and transparency of Social will change certain aspects of Service, but the right approach and right-sized strategies can make this a win-win for both you and the customer.
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Friday Feb 08, 2013

Turning Customer Self-Service into a Brand Differentiator

Nothing turns a customer off more than bad service—especially now that products are becoming commoditized. And with the digital generation, customers want to be able to connect with you anytime, anywhere, and from any device to resolve their own service issues.

So you are finding more and more of them going online to serve themselves, 72% according to Forrester. However, only 52% find the information they need. If you are one of the companies disappointing the 48%, watch out. Because 89% of customers will switch to a competitor after one bad service experience—up from 59% just four years ago!

Stand out from the crowd by Turning Customer Self-Service into a Brand Differentiator. When you do, you will benefit from the nearly 50% of customers who go online to praise your brand for outstanding service. That praise leads to sustainable business growth and profits by enhancing your ability to get and keep more customers at lower cost.

So how exactly do you turn your customer self-service into a brand differentiator?  Visit Oracle’s website to hear the Transform Your Brand Educast presented by The International Customer Management Institute and Oracle.

In the webcast, you will learn how Top-Ranked Customer Experience brands use Oracle Web self-service solutions to stand out from the crowd while saving millions on call and email deflection.


Wednesday Feb 06, 2013

What Happens When Brands Can No Longer Dump You?

Once being a “customer” of a brand was almost a privilege. And if you were unable to navigate their complex business policies, tolerate their long inconvenient wait times, or continue to pay for over priced lack of service, then you were kicked out into the cold with a “denial of service” and needing to beg at the door to be let back in.[Read More]

Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Reach Out and Touch Your Customers With Proactive Service

You’ve heard the term ‘Proactive Service.’ You know it means reaching out to customers to give them a better experience. But you’re wondering, What’s the best way to do that? Because you want to reach out with service that is personal and relevant—so you can drive more sales and lower support costs. Customer Loyalty

Brands that stand out are those that get ahead of customer needs and use every interaction to grow their business. By engaging with consumers before they have issues, companies can increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, resulting in sustainable growth and profits.

Here are the top three ways to proactively reach out to customers:

  1. Invite customers to chat on your website
  2. Update customers with service alerts
  3. Send targeted campaigns and personalized emails

First, business rules enable you to automatically offer chat based on criteria like how many answers a customer has viewed on your website, or whether she is about to abandon her shopping cart. By engaging at the point of need, you can resolve customer issues quickly and boost sales., a Walgreens Company, uses Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to proactively offer chat. By using chat to guide online shoppers, Drugstore’s has achieved a 30% online conversion rate and increased shopping basket size by 20%.

Second, you can send customers relevant information—like service alerts, knowledge updates, or product enhancements—based on their profile preferences. This proactive outreach helps build loyalty while saving money on call deflection.

ResortCom International, a vacation industry leader, uses Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to proactively deliver relevant service and offers to customers through their preferred channels and times of day. Proactive communications have decreased its inbound calls by 20%, resulting in $200,000 savings. ResortCom also increased its business 10X with no increase in support headcount.

Third, you can use profile preferences to send customers targeted campaigns and personalized emails. Putting relevant content in front of consumers helps keep your brand top-of-mind, increasing sales opportunities and customer retention.

Shaklee, the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S., uses Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to create personalized campaigns and automatically send welcome letters and birthday emails to members. Personalized outreach has increased Shaklee’s campaign click-through rates and saved money on marketing headcount.

In summary, proactive service helps you drive more sales opportunities and lower support costs at the same time.

Learn more about Oracle RightNow Cloud Customer Service Solutions at

Friday Feb 01, 2013

Financial Services Customer Experience


“In the aftermath of the financial crisis, retail banks around the globe are struggling to make a positive impression on customers. Differentiating on price and product innovation is becoming increasingly difficult, and firms face the added complications of changing customer preferences and increasingly stringent regulations.” This is per The World Retail Banking Report 2011 – published by European Financial Management and Marketing Association (EFMA), the Italian bank UniCredit and Capgemini.  The report stated that “delivering a positive customer experience is one of the few levers banks can use to stand out in today's market.” Other approaches that banks have relied on in the past to differentiate themselves – low prices and innovative products in particular – are losing their ability to provide an edge.

When new delivery channels were created to complement branches – first ATMs, then telephone banking, online banking, self-service kiosks and mobile banking – many believed that branches were in terminal decline around the world. Four or five years ago that decline was largely halted, and in many cases reversed, as banks realized the value of face-to-face contact and a high profile brand presence. Today, the typical delivery model is cross-channel. All channels are valued, and used as part of an integrated distribution strategy.

Even though customers regard quality of service as the most important aspect of their banking experience, they also value relevant, competitively priced and innovative products, and effective delivery channels. The challenge for banks, therefore, is to keep abreast of developments in these two areas.  Learn more.

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