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9 Tips for B2B E-Commerce Success Infographic

If you've been reading our 9 Levers series you have read most of what's in this infographic but we though it might be helpful to visualize those data points. You can also click on the infographic to download a free 24 page e-book that gives a robust treatment to the topic of B2B e-commerce best practices and what steps you can take to grow revenue, manage customer experience and reduce complexity.

As an organization we have lots of e-commerce  conversations specific to the B2B industry. Those conversations are wide ranging and often times very specific to that customer's business. Despite the breadth of these topics we have found that we can categorize them into one of three major areas:

  1. Revenue Growth - Either companies are struggling to maintain market share as competition and new business models threaten their base or they are aggressively trying to steal market share from other competitors. Either way, B2B companies look at revenue as the single most important metric of success.
  2. Customer Experience - The online experience B2B companies provide their customers will be one of the factors those customers use to evaluate whether they want to do more business with that vendor. Personalization, visibility and simplicity are the key components of the equation.
  3. Complexity Management - As your business grows, so does you complexity. As your customers grow, so does their complexity. In order to remain a vendor of choice you have to hide that complexity by being easy to work with and by making it easy for them to get their work done.

Check out the infographic below and download the ebook to learn more about addressing these issues.

b2b ecommerce success industry best practices

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