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5 Ways to Turn a Mobile Moment into a Lifetime of Loyalty

Brenna Johnson
Senior Product Strategist

Mobile moments are the short-yet-powerful moments during which a shopper is inspired to make a purchase on his or her mobile phone. This concept has revolutionized the retail industry, leaving retailers scrambling to figure out how to capture and retain customers in these short moments and keep their brand top-of-mind.

The challenge is to deliver exactly what the customer needs at the exact time they need it.

While there’s no one prescriptive path to achieve this, there are strategies that retailers can employ to attract and engage customers throughout their mobile moments and retain them for a lifetime.

1. Adopt a mobile-first mentality

Part of winning the mobile moment is adopting a mobile-first philosophy for your online retail platforms – and creating digital shopping experiences, content, and promotions that are built with the mobile shopper in mind. This doesn’t mean that desktop or in-store experiences are secondary. Retailers that adopt a mobile-first philosophy benefit from the agility, speed, and streamlined experiences that translate seamlessly across all devices and experiences – mobile, desktop, in-store – and provide the customer with the relevant information they need when and where they need it.

2. Guide your customers along their mobile journey

Customers engage with mobile throughout the shopping journey; when conducting internet searches and price comparisons, when following brands and seeking recommendations on social media, when signing up for a brand’s digital communications, and more.

There’s no predictable way of knowing what the customer needs at any given time, but if a brand can create a seamless omnichannel experience and inform the customer throughout the journey with relevant content, the customer is more likely to come back again. 

3. Mobile is not an island; share the experience (and the data) across all channels

The modern shopper doesn’t have time to sift through tons of information to find the content relevant to them. And, they don’t have to – they can simply move on to the next brand.

The key to getting in touch with your customers’ needs is shared data. The ability to capture data about your customers’ every move –– on desktop, mobile, social media, in-store, and during a customer service inquiry –– arms your brand and staff to create speedy and relevant customer experiences.

4. Think differently during the holidays 

Many retailers have historically taken the lock-down approach to their websites during the critical holiday season. If their e-commerce experience is not easily adaptable and requires costly development hours, they feel it best to keep the website as-is.

Modern, mobile commerce has forced this approach into obsolescence. Mobile-first retailers capitalize on the importance of consistently trying new things, evolving with trends, and adapting based on seasonality.

5. Don’t try to become a technology company; do what you do best

Turning a mobile moment into a lifetime of loyalty is ultimately about the connection between the customer and the brand. Cloud e-commerce solutions created with a mobile-first philosophy and built from the ground-up to be open, natively responsive, API-driven, and easily integrated across all systems help retailers create seamless customer experiences. That gives brands more time to focus on what they do best:  building innovative products and services that excite and attract customers.

Brenna Johnson is Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Commerce Cloud and a featured speaker at the Worldwide Business Research (WBR) Mobile Shopping Event.

Learn how Oracle Commerce Cloud, built on a modern SaaS architecture and backed by 20 years of e-commerce expertise, provides the omnichannel experiences, insights, and pricing retailers need to innovate and grow.

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