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4 Ecommerce Best Practices You Can Learn From a Guy Named Canhead

Jeri Kelley
Product Strategy - Oracle Commerce

The other morning as I was watching the early news with my cup of coffee and eyes half open they had a story about a man that goes by the name of Canhead. At first I thought what a ridiculous story and it must be a slow news day, but as I listened to the piece it actually got me thinking about how a guy named Canhead is like an ecommerce site. What? Just hear me out. 

From his website here is a bit about him, “Canhead is one of a kind. He was born with a skin condition that suctions almost anything he places to his skin. Essentially, he can stick items to his body without glue. On his head, on his hands, and even his knees, leaving most in wonder ... He attracts massive crowds and attention with his unique ability.”

Isn’t this what we all want out of our online shopping sites? To be one of a kind. To make people “stick” and want to come back. To attract massive crowds and be unique.

Here are a 4 ecommerce best practices you can take away from Canhead:

Find your unique talent

No, I don’t mean to figure out what talents your company employees have like sticking cans to heads, but look for what makes your company unique. What makes people want to buy from you? Take Elaine Turner for example. They focus on charitable giving to set them apart – it is part of everything they do and they host more than 400 philanthropic events every year. Or look at Vitamix, they made the blender a luxury kitchen item and have invaded restaurants and homes everywhere.   

Other companies are disrupting the market by creating or offering unique consumer experiences. So, what is your unique talent? And remember, what makes one company unique today will be duplicated tomorrow so make sure to continue to refine and re-imagine what sets you apart.  

Price can’t be your only differentiator

In a recent post by one of our commerce strategy experts, Dan Feuer, he talks about how price can’t be your differentiator as someone will always find a way to sell it for less. Dan says, “In my mind, for online retailers the solution to this problem lives in creating the right experience that helps produce these psychological triggers, that drives repeat business, increases order value and ultimately, reduces the focus on price.” Finding what makes you unique and creating the right experience can help you trump having to always be the lowest price.  

Attract more customers and shoppers

You can’t sell to your customer unless you get them to your site first so focus on ways to attract more customers and shoppers. Statistics show that 51 percent of traffic to websites comes from organic search and it is a known fact that SEO traffic often converts better than other channels. I could write multiple posts (and there are many out there) on SEO best practices, but make sure that you are using commerce technology that allows you to auto-generate site maps and robots.txt, create custom URLs, and easily edit meta data.   Simple math - the easier you make it for customers to find your site the more customers you will get. 

Make your customers stick

Canhead has a medical condition that makes things stick to his body, but luckily for for companies there are tools and technology that can make your site more “sticky.”  Everything from site search to experience management to responsive design will help make your site the one customers want to shop at and keep them coming back from more.   



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