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3 Ways to Use Data to Improve Customer Experience

Samantha Hausler
Samantha Hausler is a Senior Marketing Manager for Oracle

In case you haven’t heard, the sales funnel as we know it is officially dead. Digital disrupters are creating a disjointed buyer journey that’s hard to stay ahead of, riddling customer experience with infinite touchpoints. But, with this new digital journey comes opportunities to collect customer data that we’ve never had before, allowing businesses to take back control.

While data allows us to build simple, consistent, and enjoyable customer experiences, it must be applied strategically. By unifying all available data, companies can perfectly personalize customer interactions at any moment to amplify engagement – and, both emerging and traditional ways to apply data make those engagements more meaningful.

Here are three ways to use data to improve your customer experience:

1. Fish where the fish are with chatbots.

Your customers have a growing number of channels at their disposal. To be where customers already are, savvy businesses are integrating chatbots into popular messengers and apps to deliver the level of personal service that’s expected at the first “hello.” With chatbots, data and machine learning join forces to extend an always-open arm of your customer service team and use data to tailor the experience. The second your customer finds you, you’re ready, willing, and able to knowledgeably respond. As an added benefit, communicating in these private chatbot environments encourages engagement – research found that private messages sent by companies have a 96% response rate. 

2. Bring customer data to life with AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic in tech. At a high-level, AI uses machine intelligence to filter through, analyze, learn from, and interpret big data in ways us mere mortals aren’t able to. AI has superhuman power that makes sense of millions of data points to tell a 360-degree story of individual customer needs, wants, and expectations – and, it only gets smarter each time new data is fed to it. Moving into 2017, it’s certain that customer experience cloud solutions will be fueled by AI to make data more valuable and enhance how we connect with the customer.

3. Send data-driven, exclusive offers on social media.

While social media isn’t as cutting-edge as the above strategies, it’s an easily achievable way to gather data and directly pursue customers. Intuitive tools designed specifically for social let businesses listen to customer sentiments to determine purchase intent, loyalty to competitors, and buying preferences. In turn, businesses are able to deliver personalized offers to show customers extra love and push them further along the buyer journey. Social media platforms are one of the largest, free ways for businesses to collect data and use it effectively to deepen loyalty. And, statistics prove it: 66% of marketers saw increased lead generation by spending just six hours per week on targeted efforts.

In the coming months, we’ll be discussing how your business can apply data innovations to enhance customer experience. To prepare, learn what parts of your business you need to digitally transform to improve your customer experience in our new ebook: 3 Areas of Customer Experience to Invest in Right Now.

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  • Osamudiamen Ogunbor Sunday, February 26, 2017
    Very interesting am trying to beef up my knowledge in probability,logic,algebra and python, so that i can take a micro masters in AI.
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