Thursday Jul 26, 2007

Presentations about scalable web architecture

I came across the meta-presentation( on scalable web architectures. The lessons learned are interesting. 

Saturday Jun 02, 2007

Create Screencast from your browser

There is an interesting site offering screencast creation and hosting from your browser. Sounds like an interesting alternative.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

JavaScript documentation generator

I came across the JSDoc project recently which extends Javadoc like concepts into Javascript. The documentation and the procedure for using this are straightforward if you are used to javadoc. 

Sunday Apr 08, 2007

Blueprints article about using JPA in a web module

I came across this article about using JPA in a web module. Using JPA in a web only module is more difficult than using JPA in EJB because of the differences in the threading models. Using a request scoped managed bean makes things a bit easier as the injection model is similar to EJB. 

Wednesday Feb 07, 2007

Interesting Web 2.0 Video

One of my colleagues, sent me a link to a fun video on Web 2.0 (< 5 min). 

Friday Jan 12, 2007

Bug Driven Development

Todd Fast has an extensive blog entry about his vision of Bug Driven Development. This is worth a read.

Five Things about Me

I have been tagged by three people. Jonathan has also been tagged and is participating.
  • I went to school at the University of Hawaii. The campus is in Hilo, where the average rainfall is about 130 inches by the coast and 300 inches up the mountain. There is also an active volcano not far from campus. Awesome place to live and go to school!
  • I have been a volunteer coach for Special Olympics athletes. I have coached basketball, soccer, swimming and softball.
  • My first job was at McDonalds.
  • I grew up in Southern California. One of my favorite spots is Huntington Beach.
  • I really enjoy rafting. About two years ago, my dad and I capsized a canoe and almost went over a waterfall. I still love it :)
The next five victims:

Thursday Dec 21, 2006

Schema Naming and Design Guidelines

The Universal Business Language Initiative was design to provide some common definitions in XML Schema to support an interoperable XML vocabulary. This is a daunting feat. This effort has produced some documents for Naming and Design guidelines of XML Schema. See the following: Beware, this document is 70+ pages but the guidelines are interesting to consider for schema authors. This was a massive effort so the advice here is interesting to people thinking about developing schemas which stand the test of time.

Friday Dec 15, 2006

Java SE 6 monitoring tools

I came across this link to the monitoring facilities which are currently available in J2SE 6. There are a lot of interesting new tools, take a look at

Tuesday Dec 12, 2006

Java Studio Enterprise 8.1 Released

Java Studio Enterprise 8.1 was released today, see Java Studio Enterprise is branded and matched to the release of Java Enterprise System, see to support development using the latest Java Enterprise System.

Wednesday Oct 25, 2006

Ask the Experts on NetBeans Enterprise Pack

There is an ask the experts session starting on October 30, where you can ask the NetBeans Enterprise Pack team questions. Please see,

Thursday Oct 12, 2006

Article on build script anti-patterns

I came across the following article on build script practices today There is not much earth shattering information, but it is fun to see if you have ever created one of the anti-patterns described in this article. This article also had a reference to the Elements of Style for Ant. Both interesting reads.

Sunday Aug 27, 2006

Free Course on Solaris 10

There is a free online Solaris 10 course offered by Sun. This course covers zones, Dtrace, and other features of Solaris 10. Check it out at

Tuesday Aug 15, 2006

PG&E Rebate on a server?

There is a very cool article about a program where Sun teamed up with PG&E to provide a rebate for efficient energy use of the Sun CoolThread technology servers. Check out this article for more details:

Saturday Jul 29, 2006

Free AJAX training

Sang Shin is offering a free 10 week AJAX training course. This is definately something worth checking out. The URL is



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