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Chris Beal
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Last week I was visiting our colleagues in Prague. Talking about Xen, Dtrace, FMA and other cool stuff, but also helping out with some problems they were having. Anyway I did have a nightmare journey back and was thankfull of two things. A good book (Use of Weapons - Iain M Banks: I love the detail he puts in the worlds he creates), and an IPod.

So what did I listen too? Well I found I had subscribed to a podcast that has some excellent music on it. IndustrialRadio. Plenty of interesting music I'd not heard before. Apprarently the detroit industrial scene is pretty active, which is more than can be said for most places.

Any way back in the real world, I rediscovered I like some Handel, Having bought Essential Handel I've remembered learning Violin as a child. May be I should take up some more.

What else. Well in complete contrast there's been Classic Euphoria Which is pretty much audio wall paper but great for getting stuff done too.

My eldest Son did a part in the school production of Oliver a couple of weeks a go. Today there was a local schools show case of the out of school activities that they've been doing. Naturally eldest was the best, but one other that stood out was another schools "Rock School". They have taken "Feel Good Inc" by Gorillaz and re recorded it using the instruments they can play (The group only sang to a backing track which I guess is fair enough given the size of the venue, and the fact they had no switch over time, Oh and hey're only 8-11). I only realised it wasn't to the real track when I heard recorders on it! Pretty impressive.

And this evening while watching the end of The Tour They had a butchered version of One Which made me put on the original which was much better.

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  • Lubos Monday, July 24, 2006
    Hey Chris
    was nice having you here in Prague, I learned a lot.
    I have to admit, that we couldn't properly prove, that the beer is better than in UK, we gotta try next time ;)
    Well and next time you're here, stop by, we can share some classical/chillout collections - emh, I mean opinions about them ]:-> .
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