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Road Riding with Tim

Chris Beal
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Well today was a little foolish. I've been chatting with Chris Gerhard and Tim Uglow over the last week or so, and they finally persuaded me to go for a road ride with them. Mostly by telling me that it would be an easy 10 miles trying to keep up 20mph apart from the hills. I could probably do that, I thought. I do normally Road Ride on my own.
I live 17 miles from work and the thought of riding there and back still fills me with dread (let alone riding at lunchtime as well!) I packed up my road bike and drove to work (yes I know it's the cheat's way...). Tim planned the route (14 miles). Anyway Chris was tempted to come out, but the thought of wearing me out was not quite tempting enough for him to have an extra 14 miles on his regular 40.
Did I mention it's about 30 centigrade out there.
So we head out and it's fun, in a I don't normally start this fast kind of way. I don't think I'm holding Tim up that much. It's good to ride with someone more used to riding in traffic. I went everywhere on my bike till I could drive, then it was mountain biking about 10 years a go that re kindleld my cycling fire. I learnt a lot watching Tim handling the cars. Where I live I normally ride out in to the Chilterns. That means Up, Up, little down, Up, UP, big down, bigger up...etc... ie. not flat. Around work it's got some flat bits before big hills. I was pleased to see I could manage a good 20+ on the flat, which the local track club have as a pre-requisite. Not that track really appeals. Up hills I need more strength and actually I just need to be fitter.
There was one really fantastic hill (the down any way - no I do enjoy the ups, but it was hot today) a 1 in 8 down 38mph :). Don't know what the up was. I'll plot it later on the map and work it out. It was definitely less than 38mph.
In the end it was 15.6 miles but I know my computer reads long (so it's probably .5 a mile less). Just over 55 mins.
All this in a lunch hour.

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