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HiFi Upgrade

Chris Beal
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Well you've probably gathered I like music, but I've really been dissapointed with my hifi for a number of years.
When I graduated with my first few months pay cheques I bought a budget set of seperates. JPW speakers, Rotel 20W amp, Marantz CD52MkII CD player (second hand from a friend). I've been pretty happy with it - I still use it in the dining room.
However about 5 years a go I started to get the desire for Home Cinema. This is not something that goes well with having children as they have a tendancy to think the speakers are things to be climbed on. So I bought a Sub and Sat set of speakers. The KEF KHT2005 which sounded pretty good when I auditioned them with an Arcam AVR 100 which I also bought. However with the reality of normal living rooms and the fact my DVD player may not be the best source for CDs you can imagine it never quite lived up to my expectation. It was pretty good with movies - but I just stopped listening to CD in the living room.
For some reason I had convinced myself the the CD52MKII was a good enough source so I asked my local hifi shop if I could audition some new speakers or a CD player to see which gave me the best improvement. I tried some KEF IQ5s and an Arcam CD73 along side my exisiting CD player and the KHTs. (I nice mix and match session). Over all I wasn't too impressed with the IQ5s. They didn't seem any improvement over the KHT as long as you are using the Sub with them for music (you have to really), but the difference the CD player mad was stunning. So I am now the proud owner of an Arcam CD73.
Then of course I've had to rearange the living room to keep it all hidden a subtle but it was worth it. I've been listening to some of the 560 CDs we have. The bass is much more controlled and the detail astonishing.
So what have I listened to that really impressed?
The Orb: Towers of Dub (UFOrb)
Depeche Mode: Precious (Playing the angel)
The Sisters of Mercey: Everything (...)
New Order: World (single)
Linkin Park: Faint (Meteora)
Placebo: Bitter End (single)
Plenty more but thos stick out. Especially for the detail revieled after the upgrade.
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