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CPU used up after an upgrade

Chris Beal
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Just a quick blog, so that hopefully when you google for this you will find something and not spend hours debugging it.

I just upgraded to OpenSolaris B123, and everything worked fine, however when I logged out and back in again (something I rarely do, so it might have been present before), the machine was on it's knees. As usual I started the debugging process

# prstat

show svc.configd at the top

# truss -p `pgrep svc.configd`

 just showed it running door_return() a lot. This implies that something is talking to svc.configd.

On reflection I could have dtraced the door_call and door_return calls and gathered the execname of the process it was talking to, but I spotted before that, that my pid values were going up quickly. So clearly there was a process starting up, talking to svc.configd and exiting and repeating.

 After a few minutes digging around I found

desktop-print-management-applet calling ospm (OpenSolaris print manager) which was doing svcprop.

A colleague then pointed me to http://defect.opensolaris.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=10863 which described the problem and gives a workaround

Fortunately this should be fixed soon

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