The brief history of Wayne Abbott...

I graduated from Hightstown HS in 1986. I was involved in the Humanities program, was part of the NHS, and played Varsity Soccer (can't say too much about my brief experience getting knocked around in football freshman year). I went on to the mighty Rutgers College of Engineering where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1991.

While at Rutgers, I was president of the Minority Engineering Educational Task (a chapter of the National Society Black Engineers). I won the NSBE Region One 1991 Technical Paper Contest (The Power of the Human Brain: A Computer Hardware and Software Representation), NSBE 1991 Scholarship Award, Paul Robeson 1990 Scholarship Award, Cap & Skull Society 1991 Induction, and the Minority Engineering Educational Task's 1989 Member of the Year Award.

In 1988, I founded a company named AWARE Information Products (AIP) which produced culturally oriented clothing and did contract custom designs. The company primarily sold its clothing at major shows such as the NY Black Expo, Kwanzaa Expo, and African-American Heritage Festival. AIP donated over $3,000 to the Nyere Institute School in New Brunswick and also founded the Black Awareness Forum at Hightstown High School where students were taught African History and involved in various personal development workshops.

In 1996, a few fellow Rutgers Alumni and I formed an internet development company. The company developed online animated content and games in addition to web sites and interactive CD-ROMs. Our most notable project, Maatkara, which can be seen at was featured in TV Guide magazine and more than 100 other news outlets. Obviosuly I now work at Sun Microsystems, Inc., as an engagement architect on the Lucent account team.

For six years I was also a co-instructor and program coordinator for the Northern New Jersey chapter of the Black Data Processing Associates' Computer Competition Program. The program works with high school students from March to August each year teaching Microsoft Visual Basic programming and analytical skills.

My most recent personal accomplishment was final getting my 1st degree black belt in March from Dynamic Duo Martial Arts & Fitness. Only took me 20 years to final get around to this life long goal ;-).

At last but certainly not least I'm married to my college sweetheart (we've been together for 20 years) and have two wonderful kids.