Tuesday Feb 23, 2010

Sun OpenCTI 1.1 and ...

I'd like to share 2 news today.

The first thing is about having a new release of Sun OpenCTI v1.1 (actually previous version 1.1 announced on 01/27 was re-deployed - the new one is based on rev. 356 of the OpenCTI project).

This version was driven by user requirements and I'm happy to see that majority of bugs/RFEs (however not all!) have been fixed and integrated. In comparison to the very first version (Sun OpenCTI 1.0 Beta) there is a lot of improvements in various areas - from usability, number of features,...  to performance. I truly hope you will enjoy it.

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Wednesday Dec 23, 2009

Survey Results, Support for IE8, Safari and ...

Last week we closed the Survey about Bugs and RFEs that will be included in the next release of Sun OpenCTI (v1.1). Survey Results are available at OpenCTI wiki page. The final result is very similar to preliminary results shown 2 weeks ago (see the Blog article). You can see all planned Bugs and RFEs for version 1.1 in JIRA bug tracking system. Thanks everybody for your feedback!

In addition to that, we released a minor version of Sun OpenCTI that is based on OpenCTI revision 303. The minor version includes primarily:

  • hot fixes of critical bugs (like left brackets issue - CTI-73, long text does not wrap ... - CTI-64, etc)
  • adding support for IE8 and Safari 4 (CTI-76)

If you still see some bugs or you have some ideas for improvement, just submit a new bug or RFEs (before doing that, please see a list of existing Bugs/RFEs in order to avoid submitting duplicated issues).

Thanks and have a nice winter break.

Tuesday Dec 08, 2009

Participate in New Release of OpenCTI 1.1

... and let us know which bugs we should fix in the next OpenCTI release.

We are finalizing the requirements for a new version of OpenCTI. This version should be released in the mid of January 2010. It will be driven primarily by bug fixing and a development team expects additional new features around Glossary.

So far there are approx. 30 open bugs. We would like to hear from you - choose 6 top important bugs for you and we will include them into Sun OpenCTI 1.1. You can participate in our survey or directly in embedded version in Sun OpenCTI main page (to be available later). According to your votes, we will pick up at least the 6 most wanted bugs and fix them. Current bug list that we plan to deliver is available in JIRA bug tracking system (those bugs are not included in the survey). If you miss some bug, you can create a new one. See OpenCTI project main page for more information.

The voting will be finished by this Friday, Dec. 11th 2009. So do not miss your chance to influence Sun OpenCTI tool!

Thursday Nov 12, 2009

Sun Open Community Translation Interface

Today, I'd like to announce a next big step in Community Translations. After several months of running CTI, I'm pleased to introduce a new release of this tool, called Sun Open CTI. Together with this change, we setup new URLs where you can find the new and the old CTI tools:

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Wednesday Sep 30, 2009

CTI Survey Results and T-shirt Winners

In September 2009 we launched a survey to find out bit more about CTI users and identify priorities of requests for CTI enhancements. During 10 days we collected 57 answers (37 fully finished) from participants from all over the world.

To reward some of those who took their time and answered our questions we announced that 20 free T-shirts will be given out. The draw took place in the SUN office in Prague and lucky winners will be contacted and will receive their T-shirts soon.

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Tuesday Aug 25, 2009

Planned Outage of CTI

There will be a planned outage of CTI server starting tomorrow, August 26th, 2009 from 4:00pm CET (Prague time). The outage will take several hours.

During this period, the CTI tool and translation projects will not be available. The purpose of this outage is to migrate to new servers. The main URL for CTI remains unchanged (http://cti.sunvirtuallab.com) however this may redirect to different location than today. Therefore it is important to bookmark the address: http://cti.sunvirtuallab.com

Any news regarding this outage and changes in URL redirection will be posted directly to this blog or send to translation team mailing lists for particular products that are translated by CTI.

If you have any questions, please send them to cti/AT/sun.com. Thanks for your understanding.

The CTI team.

Tuesday Jul 07, 2009

CTI v1.1 is released!

I'm very pleased to announce a new version of CTI (1.1) that was released today. The CTI tool is available at cti.sunvirtuallab.com, as usual. Are you interested what's new at this minor version? Then read the lines below or just look at the introductory video explaining everything important in this new version. 

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Thursday Apr 23, 2009

Small Handy Improvements in CTI

CTI team is still working on CTI improvements. Yesterday (Apr. 22nd, 2009) new updated version has been launched at http://cti.sunvirtuallab.com.

This version contains several bug fixes and really small features that can be handy and useful during translation cycle. The changes are the following:

  • CTI filter - you can filter out untranslated text segments as well as not leveraged segments. This feature is applied to a specific file. In order to find out the translation status for the whole project, you can see the percentage number for each file. Within the file, you can use the filters then (see picture below). So what are the filter options:
    • All - shows all text segments available for a file
    • Not Translated - shows the segments that do not contain any translation
    • Not Leveraged - shows the segments that were not leveraged from previous translations. (Leveraging is a process that automatically translate new segments that were already translated for different project before. Those translations are stored in Translation Memory (TM) and are leveraged every time when starting new project. A goal here is to decrease translation volume by automatic translation of the same, repeating strings from TM).

  • warning non-registered users before starting with translation - only registered users can translate strings; by default, an anonymous user has assigned read mode only
  • fixing an issue with registration of Japanese users
  • fixing an issue with correct behavior of special characters in translation editor and their correct interpretation after saving
The fixes above are about minor functionality. However we plan to implement additional features that can help with translation of OpenSourced projects in future. A list of RFEs (Requests For Enhancements) is available at Sun wikis. If you have any idea or comments, please share this with us. We are really eager to hear from you.
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Sunday Mar 22, 2009

Opening Translation Projects for OpenSolaris 2009.06

G11n Team has opened translation projects for next release of OpenSolaris (2009.06). So far, there are 9 SW projects available in CTI tool:

All projects start with a prefix 'OS2009.06' and are available for Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Georgian, Kannada, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Serbrian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnameee languages. Some projects are opened also for Sun core languages, such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. Details and project description can be seen at Sun wiki.

If you cannot see your language or specific project, please send us an email or post a message to i18n-discuss discussion forum of opensolaris.org.

Thursday Feb 26, 2009

CTI v1.0 is released

After several months of running a Pilot Project  of Community Translation Interface (CTI 1.0 Beta), we are pleased to announce an official release of the CTI, version 1.0. The tool is available at a standard location http://cti.sunvirtuallab.com

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Friday Oct 24, 2008

Launching CTI 1.0-beta (CTI 1.0 ベータ版リリース!)

CTI 1.0-beta screenshot

New version of Community Translation Interface: CTI 1.0-beta was released. The application is available at http://cti.sunvirtuallab.com and it allows translation of OpenSolaris into different languages. The version will be introduced in Polish OpenSolaris conference in Szczecin.

New features implemented in 1.0-beta:

  • New translation editor with paging
  • New navigation path
  • All languages translated by community are available in CTI
  • New Online Help and News section connected to this blog added
  • All OS.o projects available now (Documentation, Solaris ON, Installer and Input Method Switcher SW messages)
  • Simplified build tools for creation of new installable IPS packages
  • Enhanced pdf building functionality

日本語 (Japanese)

コミュニティー翻訳インタフェース (Community Translation Interface、CTI) の 1.0 ベータ版がリリースされました。アプリケーションは http://cti.sunvirtuallab.com でお試しいただけます。このサイトでは、CTI を使って OpenSolaris を各種の言語に翻訳できます。シュチェチン (ポーランド) で開催される Pポーランド OpenSolaris カンファレンス で、このリリースについて紹介する予定です。

1.0 ベータ版の機能は以下のとおりです。

  • ページング機能付きの新しい翻訳エディタ
  • ナビゲーションパスが新しくなりました
  • コミュニティーが対象としているすべての言語が CTI で使用可能
  • オンラインヘルプとこのブログへのリンク (News)
  • すべての OS.o プロジェクトにアクセス可能 (ドキュメント、Solaris ON、インストーラ、入力方式切り替え SW メッセージ)
  • シンプルなビルドツールでインストール可能な IPS パッケージを生成可能
  • PDF 作成機能がより高機能に

The blog is about CTI project - Community Translation Interface project. The project helps Sun and non-Sun people to contribute to translations of OpenSource projects.


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