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  • October 13, 2020

Using Mobile Messaging for Rapid Customer Communication

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As uncertainty and confusion around local legislation related to COVID-19 capacity restrictions and other related requirements propagate in the US and abroad, ensuring customers are aware of your business status at any given time is critical to maintaining satisfaction and driving engagement. But what communication channels are best and how can you ensure near real-time information is delivered given the unpredictability of regulatory decisions? Oracle PartnerNetwork member, Mobivity integrates with Oracle MICROS Simphony POS to deliver a smart approach to maintaining customer communications that’s fast and data-driven. Read on for their tips and analytics around customer communication preferences and engagement statistics. 

This is a syndicated post. Click here to access the original.

Guest blog by Chuck Moxley, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Mobivity

The Coronavirus recovery phase has created a fluid business environment, often changing how you continue to do business, and often in different ways based on the store location. How do you stay nimble with guest communications?

In this article, we’ll look at why mobile messaging is by far the best way to reach the bulk of your guests, and how to use Mobivity’s Recurrency platform to keep guests in the loop as you modify operations, hours, store access, or offers in response to changing situations.

Instant and targeted texting

The Recurrency platform is used frequently to create standard routine messages, such as a weekly offers, but Recurrency is also a powerful tool for performing ad hoc customer communications — critical when you need to instantly change store hours, store availability (such as expanding options for delivery or pick up), or when you need to close stores.

Recurrency excels at identifying who a message needs to reach. The operational changes you enact could potentially affect all stores or any subset of stores (based on state, county, or city regulation changes, for example, or a situation involving just a single location). Recurrency lets you easily specify recipients based on location or other parameters. This means you can choose to reach all customers at once or target only a specific segment, such as sending to stores within an impacted area.

Mobile messaging reaches more customers, by far

The open rate for text messages remains strikingly high at 95 percent. By comparison, email open rates are lower than 5 percent. You may find that your email open rate is running even lower with the increase in messages being sent from dozens of businesses, resulting in inbox fatigue.

Text messaging is presently the best channel to use when you need to ensure that most of your customers will open and read your message, but you should always consider using multiple channels.

You might be tempted to focus all your communications on a single, preferred channel, such app push messages. However, based on data analysed across millions of redemptions at Mobivity’s clients’ 40,000+ stores, we’ve learned that there is little overlap regarding which channel a customer will use as their preferred method for communications from businesses. Some will choose to use your app if you have one, others respond to an SMS message, and a few still prefer to open and read messages sent by email. In the end, we found less than a 10-percent (and in most cases, less than five percent) overlap between people responding to offers delivered via mobile messaging, app and loyalty, email, and even free-standing inserts (or FSIs).

Rather than force communications into a single channel you prefer, we recommend you use all your channels to keep customers informed and buying.

Oracle MICROS Simphony point of sale customers can leverage Mobivity’s Recurrency AI/machine learning platform to analyze various data points from their POS. By accurately attributing promotions to transaction activity, restauranteurs and franchisees can determine the most effective marketing approach based on guest frequency and spend. 

To learn more about how Mobivity’s integration works with Oracle MICROS POS systems, schedule a demo or reach us directly by chat or phone in the US: +1 866-287-4736; UK: +44 207 5626 827; AU: 1300 366 386; LAD: 52 559 178 3146.

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