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  • March 4, 2021

How Touchless Attendance can facilitate the return to work

Albert Qian
Senior Content marketing manager for HCM
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With contribution from Rami Riachy, Principal HCM Cloud Solution Engineer

Once the COVID-19 pandemic passes, many of us will return to a different office setup governed by workforce health regulations and best practices. These may include rules that we already follow, including social distancing, handwashing, and temperature checks.

For smaller companies, adjusting to the new normal requires following processes developed during the pandemic. Larger organizations with multiple office buildings and a sizable onsite workforce may face more challenges, particularly as workers move around the property to take meetings, eat at the cafeteria, or take a walk. There is no doubt that this future will present problems, especially if a sick worker decides to show up to the office and unknowingly infect everyone else.

Over the past few months, our solutions engineering team has been thinking about this future. With the availability of new Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies, and our leading Oracle Cloud HCM platform, we challenged our team to see what they could create.

Introducing Touchless Attendance.

Safety From Afar

The Touchless Attendance solution consists of three main features: 

First, the system uses facial recognition to identify the worker. Second, a temperature sensor gauges the employee's temperature, which serves as criteria for admission. Finally, a proximity beacon assesses whether the employee is in the right building. 

Vendor agnostic and able to connect third-party devices to Oracle Cloud HCM, the solution streamlines health and safety and attendance management while keeping employees and the workplace as safe as possible. APIs enable real-time tracking in Oracle Core HR, Time and Labor, and Workforce Health and Safety.

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Let's explore how this use case might work in real-time with an example worker named Daniel. As he walks through the door of the building he works in, Touchless Attendance will confirm his authorization to proceed through a facial recognition system and capture his temperature using a sensor and pass the information through to a mobile application. If his temperature fails to meet a certain threshold, he will not be able to proceed, and his case will be recorded in Oracle Workforce Health and Safety. If his temperature passes the necessary threshold, the system will grant admission and record his entry in Oracle Time and Labor governed by location-based technology achieved using beacons or RFID.

The commitment to safety does not end there. Touchless Attendance also shares with Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence, which passes on the data to an onsite health and safety manager who can share best practices and tips to stay healthy or even alert the workforce if an infectious disease is spreading across campus.

The return-to-work will see a different world. One Oracle engineer envisions a future where companies can protect their workforce using Oracle Cloud HCM technology.

Learn More About Touchless Attendance

As you invite your workforce back to the office in the next few months, you'll no doubt have questions surrounding a safe return. Safety is of the utmost importance, and we believe that our Touchless Attendance can help return work to a semblance of normalcy. Learn more about the solution by downloading our technical business brief today and speaking to one of our consulting partners

Download the Technical Business Brief

Current Oracle Cloud HCM customers can also prepare for the post-pandemic workplace with our Employee Care Package, a bundle of HCM tools and technology. We launched this offering in June 2020 to help HR teams make work safer, provide more support, and work smarter in a time of constant change and have made subsequent updates. Our most recent release builds atop the already-existing learning, workforce mobility, and Digital Assistant technology to include COVID-19 testing and vaccine tracking capabilities.

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