Tuesday Sep 08, 2009

Bye, bye, Core QA team

This is most probably the last post to this blog from Lukas, Jara, Tomas and Petr. The origin Core QA team members work on other parts of NetBeans IDE. Petr, Tomas and Lukas moved to the Cloud Computing QA team at beginning of year 2009. They are back in NetBeans these days but working on different projects then Core and Platform. Jara moved to new project with new responsibilities in first half of 2009 too. It means that there is no QA engineer dedicated to the Core/Platform now - please see Marian's comment explaining the situation.
However there are new community programs that might interest you if you would like to help to test or to fix something in NetBeans Platform (or NetBeans IDE)
  • NetDEV - contribute to NetBeans
  • NetFIX - fix a bug in NetBeans
  • NetCAT 6.8 - NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing Program
Good luck to NetBeans Platform, we really enjoyed the work on it. It was great ride with great community around it. I hope that there will be a chance to meet some of you - users - again. And if you will appear in Prague sometime feel free to contact us with an idea to have some beers in a pub (the worst you could hear is "no, thank you, we don't have time" ;)
Anyway, we will stay close to the NetBeans Platform in future as NetBeans IDE is based on it ;)

Monday Dec 22, 2008

FINISHED: did you received a spam from qa@netbeans.org?

Update: all the issues are moved. Look at next post for more details.

Today(22/12) we started moving of more than 5.000 issues in our issuezilla bug tracking system. Till now more than 3.500 has been removed (and the number is still growing). The are some inconveniences for issuezilla users but we wanted to minimize them.

More than 5.000 emails will be sent to issues@ mailing lists Remove everybody from the list. And add all subsrcibers to issues@platform after the move
Every reporter, person on CC will receive email about change of component/subcomponent of an issue. Because of issuezilla bug - 11998. All notification emails are sent by qa@netbeans.org. It should be easy to delete all emails from this sender.
Votes are lost because of component/subcomponent change. That's bug in issuezila - 47233. We will add comment with number of votes to every affected issue
Exception Reporter mapping needs to be changed tool owners were warned
Users don't know where to report issues New description to "platform" component was added
I would like refactor the package name "openide" into "platform" at the same time. it won't happen. I don't see any reason. It would cause backward compatibility problems

Friday Aug 08, 2008

Testing Beta of NetBeans 6.5

Beta of NetBeans 6.5 is coming next week. We are quite busy with testing of the builds, verifying the issues etc. As usually most of the users will try this beta build rather then a Release candidate (RC). However the quality of the Betas is a beta quality. All the NetBeans' team tries to keep the quality as high as possible but it is not possible to fix all the issues. However there will be enough time to fix them later.

If you are NetBeans fans then this is time to participate. We need to know about your problems. Then we can solve them. Yes, we are testing it like crazy however I'm senior QA engineer therefore I know that we can not cover/simulate/reproduce all the scenarios that the users can come up.
Please, click "Review and Report Problem" if an exception will appear to you. It is simple and easy. You can post it as a guest.
There will be also a Beta Satisfaction Survey that will appear after 5 days from the 1st start of IDE. Don't hesitate to fill it. In this way you can let us know about the problematic parts of the IDE. All the feedback help us to focus the power of the teams.

Do you wanna know more?

Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

Who we are - Core & Platform QE

We are team of quality assurance engineers responsible for the quality of NetBeans platform and the core parts of the IDE. Right now the team consist of four members. Let see who is responsible for what.

Jara has been with Core QA team for long time. His main area of responsibilities is Plugin manager and Help System. Jara will be responsible for the new Maven project support too. He is our Accessibility(a11y) expert and he develops the UI Accessibility Tester module that we use for A11Y testing og the NB IDE.

Tomas started in Core QA during his university studies. He joined the team as "full time member" few months ago. He enhanced the hudson with the functionality that we needed to be able to run our test on more machines (hudson4qe). I expect more detailed post about it from Tomas later. Tomas is testing and maintaining functionality of Projects, Explorer, Favorites, Ant.
Petr is studing a university. He is working only on part time. Anyway he is very valuable for the team. When he is hardware/OS geek and fan we let him to play with all the strange machines setups that we use for testing. He is also responsible for Window System, Output, CLI, User registration, Satisfaction survey functionality testing in the IDE.
Lukas (team lead)
Lukas moved back to Core QA (where he started his career in NetBeans QA team 7 years ago) from Mobility QE. He used to be leading both QE teams - Core and Mobility for a while but now he is focusing fully on Core and Platform. Lukas is responsible for the APISupport functionality and Options testing.

Some useful links:

Team blog of NetBeans Core and Platform Quality Assurance team


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