Friday Feb 20, 2009

Next NetBeans IDE will have number 6.7

Have you noticed the change of number for the next NetBeans IDE? And the release cycle was changed too. What does it mean? Read the whole message from NetBeans team.

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

NetBeans Refer-a-Friend Promotion

There is an easy way how you can get 2GB USB Drive with NetBeans logo.
Go to this form and fill it up with 5 email addresses of your friends. If at least 3 of them will download the NetBeans IDE from the link that they will receive then you'll get the USB drive. Easy, isn't it?

Friday Jan 30, 2009

NetBeans with real Mac UI

Try the latest development builds... Do the NetBeans look better on Mac?

Thursday Jan 15, 2009

New NetBeans Are Ergonomics

The change was propagated into NetBeans' IDE builds before XMas however it seems that most of the people will notice it in next milestone of NetBeans IDE 7.0. The Full IDE build contains new cluster with the ergonomics functionality. What it means? The new term here is ergonomics IDE that provides you just what you need when you need it. The idea come up from Jirka Rechtacek's - Consumer IDE prototype and session at JavaOne last year.

"The NetBeans IDE grows with new functionality every release and soon it will be like a swiss knife. It will do everything everyone can ever need. On the other hand most of the time we are using knifes and even swiss knifes to cut - the same way most of us use the NetBeans IDE. We use it for Java, PHP or C/C++ most of the time and if we need some other functionality, it is good to have it around and available. It just shall not make the knife too big and heavy.

Since the introduction of NetBeans Big IDE - the only IDE you ever need - we are facing various problems resulting from the IDE size. "
- Jarda Tulach's description of the ergonomics IDE.

Problem statement: Most of the NetBeans IDE users download the full distribution of IDE. It contains everything from C++ to Ruby. Nobody needs all the functionality but it's loaded into the memory when the IDE is started.

Solution: enable the functionality only when it's needed

Our performance team decided to implement this approach in the ergonomics cluster. When you start the full IDE with fresh userdir then the IDE is empty. There is only the main functionality.

IDE without any functionality

They defined several entry points that enables a functionality to you. The entry points are New Project wizard ,Attach Debugger ,Open Project dialog ,VCS Checkout.

Open project

The IDE doesn't recognize the type of the project. It knows only that is a NB project. When you open a project it will activate the necessary functionality for you as you can see on next picture.

Activate Java Functionality

  1. If you don't want the ergonomics functionality
    • comment out the ergonomics cluster in [nb_install_dir]/etc/netbeans.clusters file
    • use the same approach to verify that a bug is caused by the ergonomics feature
  2. Report issues - either to ide/ergonomics in Issuezilla or to any component with ERGONOMICS keyword.

Tuesday Dec 23, 2008

Good Bye core and openide

We succeed with the move of all bugs in core and openide components in NetBeans issuezilla. All existing bug were moved to "platform" component. The core and openide components were deleted from issuezilla.

If you want to report new bug or enhancement use platform subcomponent, please.

Saturday Dec 20, 2008

[WARNING] Moving core/openide to platform in Issuezilla

After long discussions in NetBeans Core team we decided to move issues from openide and core components to platform component in Issuezilla. If you are interested how the subcomponents will look after the change - look at CoreQEIssuezillaAndModules.
The main reason for the move is that it is easier to understand what platform means to more users than the the core/openide concept that became too complicated. And therefore it should be easier to enter new issues. We will also close the openide/core components for new issues.

It also means to move the old issues to the new location. Unfortunately, CollabNet who is the owner of the Issuezilla and the only one who could update these issues directly in database won't help us. Therefore we have to do it by ourself. This move will generate thousands of emails to all the reporters, owners and people on CC. To reduce the number of emails we will move "only" those issues that are opened or were changed in last 2 years. Anyway, it means to move almost 5500 issues. We apologize for all the emails generated by the move.

The move will happen from 22nd to 23rd December 2008. The worst scenario is that CollabNet infrastructure won't survive so many emails and changes in the Issuezilla. And the will be down for a while. We hope that the whole move will happen smoothly without problems. Thank you for understanding if a problem with will appear.

Openide 24 -
Core 23 -
Platform 1(www) 28(-www)

Thursday Dec 11, 2008

Patch 1 for NetBeans 6.5

Our sustaining team released first patch for the new NetBeans 6.5. The patch fixes 62 bugs most annoying problems of NetBeans 6.5.

Don't be surprised that you need to update your IDE in two cycles. Firstly you'll see only one available update that will update only the updater.jar that contains fixes in the Plugin manager functionality. Then after restart the other updates will appear.

  • NetBeans6.5 Patches Info
  • NetBeans 6.5
  • Do you have tips what should be fixed into next patch? Let us know! -> vote for issues, add comment. Of course, we want to hear a justification...

Tuesday Nov 11, 2008

QE said GO for NetBeans 6.5

That is great news - NetBeans 6.5 has final GO from QE. What it means? NetBeans Quality Engineering team finished the certification testing of last Release Candidate of the NetBeans 6.5. We haven't found any stopper. Therefore we can proceed to releasing it. It will take a time before it will be uploaded, all the pages need to be changed etc. The official release date should be November 20th. Why I said "should be" ? You never know what happens... Crossing finger for NB 6.5 publishing.

Thursday Nov 06, 2008

Results from NetBeans 6.5 Community Acceptance survey

Results from NetBeans 6.5 Community Acceptance survey published
The picture doesn't need any comment. One chart is missing because I couldn't fit it into a square image ;)

Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

Clone for NetBeans 6.5 created

Release engineers create mercurial clone for the NetBeans 6.5 release. It is available at It means that the stabilization of NetBeans release has been moved to separate clone a the trunk is again open for commits for

There is High Resistance mode active for the release65 clone. Read the rules -

What will be the name of the next release? 7.0? 6.5.1? 6.6? What do you think?

Thursday Sep 25, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 slips for 4 weeks

You've probably noticed the change it NetBeans 6.5 schedule already, right? However for those that haven't let me cite Jirka Kovalsky (NetBeans Technical Community Manager ).

Hello developers,

based on the current quality dashboard and feedback from community, a change to the NetBeans 6.5 release schedule [1] has been made. We went through all problematic areas and investigated how much time is needed to meet the FCS quality and according to our findings 4 more weeks will be required.
This in particular means that Code Freeze moves to October 13th and FCS to November 12th.


It is not easy to postpone the release date but we simply want to address recent community feedback coming for example via this mailing list or via bugs that were submitted at high rate of ~400 issues weekly.
However, we believe it will pay off in the end because quality is also a feature, isn't it? :-)

Thanks for your understanding and support!

And we all believe that it will help to release NetBeans 6.5 as more stable product. I will not repeat myself - listen to podcast ;)

Wednesday Sep 03, 2008

Build is back. Changes in Compile On Save usability

When you try the latest development builds of NetBeans IDE 6.5 then you can be surprised that the Build action is NOT grey anymore on java project (a little recall for those who are lost). How come? Well, we are listening to our users. They liked the Compile on Save feature but they were confused that they cannot Build their project anymore. The solution was simple - provide users a dialog with an explanation.

This dialog will notice you that your project is already compiled. So why are you compiling it again then, right? You can either switch the Compile On Save off in project properties or you run Clean&Build in your project.

The Clean action is enabled again too. It will clean your [project]/build directory.

Wednesday Aug 27, 2008

NetBeans Forums

There is plenty of mailing lists about the NetBeans IDE. You can look at the (in)complete list. Last week there started new view to these mailing lists. You can see them as forums now. It means that you don't have to receive hundreds of emails into your mailbox. Read what you want ;)

Oh, yes there always was such options. You could use public mailing list archives as Gmane or Nabble. And of course the official NetBeans' archive of the mailing lists but it has horrible user interface. And it isn't easy to find.

Somebody at a mailing list pointed me to I'm starting to like it.

Monday Aug 25, 2008

NetBeans Grant winners

Jirka Kovalsky(Technical Community Manager) just announced the winners of the NetBeans Innovators Grants. I tried some of the projects. Some of the ideas seems were interesting.

Congratulation to all the winners! Well deserved money!

I'm glad to see my friend Karel Herink that used to work on NetBeans Mobility project in the list of winners. His support for Project Darkstar in Mobility moves game development in Java ME in new direction. It is pity that you haven't won a Golden or Silver award, Karel. Maybe you didn't solved the idea very well? I'd like to be interested if you used it in a real game?

My attention took CashForward and CubeĀ°n. NetBeans' as financial software, interesting. And Anuradha's tasks integration. There might be a place for enhancement. It should work with the NetBeans issuezilla. Unfortunately, there isn't any easy access to the bug database :(

Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

[NB65] Kick out Beta. Back to trunk?

The NetBeans 6.5 Beta build was published. The build should be more stable then a daily build. The most annoying issues has been fixed.

However it is still Beta release therefore don't be surprised that an exception appears when you are using the IDE. Actually this is the purpose of the beta. Let us know about the exception. It should be easy with Exception Reporter. When the exception appears click "Review and Report Problem" and the IDE will do the rest for you. A comment that will help us to reproduce the exception is highly recommended.

There is lot of new features in this Beta. Full list of the New&Noteworthy. You might be surprised by following changes
How you can improve the NetBeans IDE quality for the final release that is planned after summer? Report bugs, let us know at mailing lists, vote for issues and fill up Satisfaction Survey for Beta .

For those that noticed the name of the post. Yes, we (QA) are returning back to trunk builds to report and verify another bugs. Beta is yours. Enjoy it.

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