IT Innovation | May 19, 2015

Continuous Improvement of the Cloud Customer Experience

By: Lauren Harris


When it comes to Cloud, customers expect a solution that enables personalization, constant connectivity and security. And, through it all, we know that customers want an easy business relationship with their Cloud provider. To enable this, we focus on “Ease of Doing Business” attributes and in this post, I outline some of Oracle’s specific efforts.

First, as of March 2015, we have completely refreshed our
Cloud documentation repository. All documents related to technical and
functional aspects have been updated and posted. The repository can be easily
accessed and navigated via the
Oracle Cloud Portal,
allowing you (customers) to achieve a
upon the purchase of your subscription across any pillar
and to access best practices throughout the lifecycle.

Second, as a result of having fully automated the
provisioning process, we now expect a 36-hour turnaround for all orders
processed. This impacts the ability of our customers to initiate the
implementation phase and therefore, to more quickly capitalize on your Cloud subscription.
We have also revised our
Cloud Services policies, so
that they provide a consistent experience for patching, application of language
packs and refreshes across all Fusion pillars.

Third, we have significantly expanded knowledge resources for issue resolution via My Oracle Support portal, as well as further focused our services on problem prevention through a richer knowledge base, improving monitoring internally for faults. We indeed look to optimize our solutions from how we build them to how we support them.

Ease of Doing Business continues to be a top objective for us at Oracle across all of our offerings. I will continue to update you as more updates and benefits become available.