IT Innovation | November 19, 2014

Continuous Customer Feedback

By: Stephanie Spada


 Oracle’s goal has long been to become more customer
focused, with the overall objective of remaining connected with our customers
to understand what is important to them so that we can continually deliver
against those expectations. The Temkin Group recently published a report
entitled: Raising Customer Centricity
Across the B2B Enterprise
, featuring a number of customer experience
initiatives in place at Ciena, Crowe Horwarth Fiserv, Genworth and Oracle. I’ve
included a summary of Oracle’s efforts below and encourage you to access the
full best practices report here.
At Oracle we capture a complete picture of customer
experience through a combination of sources that enable us to receive
continuous feedback from our customers across the multiple interactions, touch
points and channels throughout their customer experience journey. We do this
through a variety of methods, including executive-to-executive engagement,
surveys, customer advisory panels, communities and independent user groups, as
well as various communication channels.

To drive action across systemic customer and company
issues, a Top 10 Program is in place to identify and remedy key issues having
the largest impact on customer experience. To ensure consistent execution of these customer programs across each
region, a core group of Customer Program Managers (CPMs) are in place to help
execute against corporate strategy under a common framework globally. To
reinforce accountability and resolve issues in a timely and consistent manner,
alerts are in place to notify relevant employees with standard practices in
place to engage business leaders and customers. And finally, to prioritize improvement
initiatives and help sales teams better understand customer experiences from
their perspectives, customer journey mapping is used to identify those key
moments of truth that deliver value to customers.

We feel it is imperative that employees feel connected to
customer feedback to assure they are part of the solution. By sharing feedback received from surveys, advisory
panels, and account strategy review sessions with employees across the
organization, employees are better able to understand customer issues and
concerns, ensuring their commitment to better our customers’ experiences.

In my next post, I'll provide an overview of the two-pronged approach we feel works best when socializing feedback into our large organization.  In the meantime, check out the Temkin report to see what we and other top companies are doing to raise customer centricity across B2B enterprises.