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    February 23, 2016

Why Oracle Documents Presenter Should be Your New Favorite Mobile App?

Author: Mark Paterson,
Director, Oracle Documents Cloud Service Product Management

If you work in marketing and are looking for better ways to mobilize
your sales teams and to provide them with the right collateral you should
consider Oracle Documents Cloud Service as part of your Sales Enablement solution.

The way in which Oracle Documents Cloud Service allows you to collect,
collaborate, and share collateral through folders is a perfect way to work
together as a team on the needed collateral, and an easy way to then share that
collateral with the entire sales team. What was missing earlier was a tool that you
could provide to each sales team member that would give them a way to
effectively present the collateral and engage with the customer.

To solve this, we’ve introduced the Oracle Documents
Presenter mobile app. It gives your sales reps a way to present content stored
in Oracle Documents Cloud Service from their mobile tablet in a rich and
visually appealing way and it ensures that they always have the right up to
date collateral available to them.

Here’s how it works…

Build an Interactive presentation

Simply create a folder, add your content, and apply your

Perhaps start with a top level folder called ‘Feature Collateral’
and then add sub folders for each of your company’s products and then sub
folders for presentations, success stories, and data sheets.

The team responsible for the collateral can all have it
synchronized to their desktop making it really easy to edit and collaborate on
it until it is done.

The look and feel of how it will look when presented through
Oracle Documents Presenter can be customized by the simple addition of
background and folder icon images

Then Publish It

Easily share the folder with your team, your organization, your
company. Now everyone has the latest collateral.

When changes are made in the future everyone continues to
access the latest and greatest collateral.

You can even surface the folder through your company’s CRM
system so that anyone using the CRM can view and download the contextual collateral they

Take It with You

Your curated content is always available to present and always up to date.

The sales reps get notified and can then choose to take it
with them on their tablets by adding it to their Oracle Documents Presenter
list of presentations.

Once they’ve downloaded the presentation to their tablet, they’re
ready to go. Even if they’re not connected, the files are there, ready to

When changes are made in the future, Oracle Documents
Presenter informs the user so they can make sure they always have the most up
to date content no matter where they are.

Captivate Your Audience

Wow everyone with dynamic, visually stunning, interactive
content that can be presented with customizable branding.

It’s that easy!

Oracle Documents Presenter can be your
solution for more than just Sales Enablement.

Perhaps you work in in field service and need to empower
your technicians ensuring they have up to date access to critical information,
specifications, and training material. Oracle Documents Presenter can enable
service organizations to automatically deliver to technician’s tablets the content, interactive forms, or knowledge they need to
do their job.

For a quick peek at Oracle Documents Presenter, take a look at this brief product video.

Oracle Documents Presenter is currently available for the iPad (coming soon for Android devices).

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