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What's the Buzz? FatWire & Oracle Online Experience Revolution

Guest Author
Michael Snow
Some of the featured functionality of Oracle WebCenter's Web Experience Management solution is coming from the recent acquisition  of FatWire Software. Since we'll be hosting our integration plans and strategy webcast later today (Wednesday, Aug. 10th, 10AM  PST), I thought it would be appropriate to give voice to a new member of the Oracle family, Loren Weinberg. Loren is Senior Vice  President, Marketing and Product Management at FatWire Software and will be officially joining Oracle's Product Management Team  shortly.

Q: So - Loren - it’s an exciting time at FatWire now as you become part of the Oracle WebCenter family.  Can you tell us more  about FatWire and what your company brings to Oracle? 

The FatWire team is incredibly excited to be joining Oracle. FatWire has been in business for about 15 years now. The company  began as an organization focused on Loren WeinbergWeb Content Management (WCM) and excelled in that market at solving the customer challenge of  managing large amounts of content and publishing it to the web. As we all remember, websites at that time were very static  content, mostly online brochures. But a number of years ago, FatWire saw that the market was fundamentally shifting and evolving.  Organizations needed to offer not just content, but rather an experience to their site visitors online. They needed to find a way  to use the web not as a brochure, but as a means of engaging their customers and interacting with them to build valuable and  lasting relationships via the online channel. To solve this challenge for customers, on top of its strong WCM foundation, FatWire  delivered new technologies including content targeting and analytics to provide a relevant and optimized online experience for  site visitors, social computing capabilities such as user-generated content and end-user personalization for driving interactivity  and customer engagement via the web, mobile web enablement for seamless management of the customer experience across all online  channels, and much more. FatWire was a pioneer in identifying this shift in the market, and today offers the leading solution set  for Web Experience Management. It is this strong set of technologies and focus on the role of the online channel in solving the  challenges of marketing and customer experience that FatWire brings to Oracle.

Q: How does FatWire’s solution becoming part of Oracle WebCenter complement and enhance the portfolio?

The marriage between Oracle and FatWire creates the strongest set of technologies in the market today for managing the online  customer experience and connecting it with customer data and back end systems to truly enable organizations to manage the customer  experience across channels. By integrating the FatWire suite for WEM with Oracle technologies including Siebel CRM, Real-Time  Decisions, ATG eCommerce Suite, Portal, ECM and more, Oracle will offer an unrivaled suite of technologies focused on cross- channel customer experience management and optimization.

Q: What do you see happening in the market that is driving the strong demand for Web Experience Management lately?

The web today is one of the most (and in many cases the most) important channel for driving the success of businesses both from a  top-line and bottom-line perspective. What other means do organizations have for reaching their potentially millions of customers  with targeted, optimized information and messages to meet their individual needs? How else can businesses engage with all of their  customers, and enable them to engage with one another, in real-time across geographic boundaries and global markets every day? The  web channel is the only way to do this effectively, and it is an incredibly efficient means of doing so.

But successfully managing the online channel can be a real challenge for organizations. Customers today expect to be engaged on a  one-on-one level with information specifically relevant to them, they expect websites to be rich and engaging, they want to  interact with the organization and one another in real-time, and they have little patience for anything other than immediate  gratification. This in and of itself is daunting, but the challenge doesn’t stop there. On top of all of this, the web itself  isn’t just one channel anymore. With the plethora of mobile devices, microsites, intranets, extranets, social channels, and more  in use today, organizations need to manage these complex and continuous interactions with customers across a multitude of online  touch points.

The challenge of engaging customers across all online channels in a consistent and compelling manner can only be met with a WEM  solution offering the right tools for marketing and customer experience management, and the right foundation to support the  incredible scale of large global enterprises today. This is a major business requirement for organizations across industries, and  this is the problem that FatWire solves.

Q: There is a lot of talk about Web/Customer Experience Management really being about a “strategy” versus a technology – what do  you think about this?

Well, it is really both. The strategy, or goal, is to use the online channel to drive a great customer experience that will engage  audiences and drive the success of marketing, loyalty and other business initiatives. The technology set needed to deliver on this  is Web Experience Management (WEM) – including foundational WCM capabilities that business users themselves can manage, plus  strong multi-lingual site enablement, targeting and optimization technologies, social computing and user-generated content  capabilities, mobile web enablement for cross-channel online engagement initiatives, and integration with back-end enterprise  systems. All of these capabilities together comprise WEM and enable organizations to use the online channel to engage effectively  with their customers.

Q: Where can people learn more about Oracle's planned integration and strategy for the FatWire acquisition?Oracle | FatWire Logo

As good blog posting timing has it - we have a webcast being broadcast today in a few hours (08/10/11 - 10am PST) about our integration plans and strategy.  Everyone should join us to hear the plans. It is a really pivotal time for the evolution of the Web Experience Management market. Readers can register here for this webcast. The webcast will also be available On-Demand after today.

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