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WebCenter Forms Recognition New AP 2803 Project

Santanu Chakraborty
Sr Product Manager

Are you using WebCenter Forms Recognition(WFR) AP project for data extraction from Invoice? It’s good news for you because we have recently upgraded our AP Packaged Project to AP 2803 in our current released WFR

When any customer downloads WFR, they also get a sample pre-trained AP Packaged Project which automates data entry for invoices, purchase orders, non-purchase orders, and credit notes. For a long time we were using the 100x version of AP project and now we have upgraded it to 2803 version of AP project in our new release WFR We have introduced a couple of new features on this release in parallel to bug fixes which you can find from our Release Note.    

Let’s talk about a few new features which have been added to this release:

  1. WFR Solution Configuration Manager: AP Project keeps its project-related configuration in a “.ini” file but we have seen that many customers raise security concerns related to this because the “.ini”  file is not secured and protected. On this release we have introduced a new way of keeping the configuration in Database compare to ini file and a tool(WFRSCM) through which you can manage those configurations. Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition Solution Configuration Manager (WFRSCM) is a web-based application that enables you to configure and manage the database for different AP packaged solutions.


After installing the WFRSCM tool successfully you can access the application from below URL: http://<host>:<port>/WFRSCMWeb. You can change AP packaged settings and then create a migration packet, which can be exported and imported to another environment. You can follow the  WFRSCM Installation guide and User guide for more information.

  1. Client ID: On this release, Client ID will give you an option to manage AP packaged much better way. It will provide you a multi-tenant capability in your solution. When you design an AP Packaged Project for a client, you must consider how the client is utilized for your business needs. For example:

    • If the end-user is a BPO, a client can be used to represent a single customer of the BPO or a division of a single customer.
    • If you have one user working in multiple regions or with multiple divisions with their own requirements, a client can be used to represent each region or division.
    • If you have one user working with multiple ERP systems, each ERP system can be set up as an individual client for the different ERP-system connections and processing rules

To know more please read chapter 6 of AP Project 2803 Installation and Configuration Guide

  1.  New DB Schemas: Now you need separate schemas for each AP Project and one schema WFRSCM tool. At the time of AP Project installation, you need a database schema to store the project configuration and it is always advisable to use separate schemas(for each project) from your main WFR installation schema. In addition to that, you need another schema for WFRSCM tool installation.

     4. New Fields in AP Project: There are a couple of new fields have been added in AP Project like:

    • VAT Table: You can use the VAT table in lieu of the single AmountTax field to capture a greater level of tax detail from European VAT invoices.
    • Delivery Notes: This field is a line item type field where multiple delivery notes are captured and entered. 
    • IBAN: It represents the international bank account number for invoice payment.
    • BIC: It is an internationally assigned code to identify a unique banking institution.
    • Your Ref: Use this field to capture a reference number specified on the invoice that relates to the party being billed. It can often consist of a contact name, a reference number, or a combination of both
    • Alternate Payee/Alternate Payee Address: The alternate payee field is a supplementary field to the Vendor ID and represents the party to whom actual invoice payments should be made
    • Mexican UUID: The Mexican UUID is an electronic invoice number provided by the Mexican SAT authorities and appears as standard on electronic documents.
  1. A Dynamic Form: A new dynamic web form has been created in AP Project with all the default fields. If you open the AP 2803 project and go to Verifier Design mode, you can see the new form “Form_Invoices_2”. If you want to use this form for your project, then you have to go to project ini file and change the below settings.


  1. Documentation Changes: We have changes our document section also little bit and now you can find three sections related to WFR documents:

    • Forms Recognition Installation, Configuration and Migration: Contains the generic WFR core software related documents.
    • Forms Recognition AP Project 2803: The new AP project related documents. We have added one new Readme file, which will guide you for fresh installation or reinstallation of AP Project.
    • Forms Recognition AP Project 1007G: The old AP Project related documents. 

So, download the latest WFR and upgrade your AP Project. If you face any issue, feel free to raise support ticket.


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