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Virtual Information Service (VIS) Move to Oracle WebCenter

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director

We are happy to have Christy Confetti Higgins join us today! Christy is the Program Manager for Virtual Information Services (VIS) – which enables and supports the information needs, information access/discovery, research, and information/knowledge sharing across Oracle.

In January, 2012, the Oracle Virtual Information Services (VIS) program site migrated to Oracle WebCenter.

1300 employees became members of the new VIS community in the first 30 days (VIS has about 15,000 users across the globe)

VIS is an Oracle HR program within the Organization & Talent Development (OTD) organization enabling all Oracle leaders and employees by providing them with high quality information services to learn, innovate, develop, make effective decisions, stay competitive, and grow the business. VIS is centered around ensuring employees are connected with the right information, knowledge, and internal expertise to drive decision making, learning and enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing - “Good Information = Smart Decisions = Better Business.”

The VIS team decided to migrate the website from the legacy SunSpace platform to Oracle WebCenter.  WebCenter is an Oracle product, a key part of the Oracle internal web strategy, and overall collaborative and easy information management and user engagement platform. It was an excellent fit for VIS!

VIS on the WebCenter platform will continue to make information services easily accessible and available to all Oracle employees while also allowing employees to connect with the VIS team and others interested in information across Oracle through the social and collaboration components integrated into the site (RSS, forums, OraTweet, etc.). 

Information services include access to technical journals (IEEE, ACM, etc.), eBooks, business journals (HBR, McKinsey Quarterly, etc.), company information, standards, book summaries, and more!

Another great aspect we love is that WebCenter is also available via mobile devices! There is a WebCenter app on the iPhone that provides easy access to all VIS content and the community as well as hooks into other social tools via other Oracle apps – it's all connected!

A special thanks to the following three Oracle employees who were instrumental in the migration and creating the VIS look, page templates, and so many other critical components within WebCenter.
  • Matthias Müller-Prove, User Experience Principal and Software Development Manager, Corporate Architecture
  • Peter Reiser, WebCenter Evangelist, Product Development
  • Gaston Martino, Software Development Manager, Product Development
VIS is specifically leveraging the WebCenter Spaces component and have integrated RSS feeds from other Oracle social enterprise applications such as our internal Blog, our internal Oracle Connect group, and our internal OraTweet handle. WebCenter also allows us to have a Forum for community members to ask questions as well as a way for us to connect with all members of the VIS community via WebCenter. 

We know employees have different preferences for how they receive, find, use, share, and connect with information and people internally. With WebCenter, we have the ability to integrate many of the options we have for employees into our main portal site: IM, blog, OraTweet, Forum, email, Connect group, mailing lists, etc. Flexibility, integration, and on-going community awareness and management are key. 

WebCenter also allows community members to subscribe to the VIS Space as a member and receive email/RSS alerts regarding changes to the information services site.

Running Oracle on Oracle has provided additional visibility to VIS and in return, more employees have increased productivity, enhanced decision making, and increased their ability to learn and develop. We have also saved costs by having centralized access to critical business and technical information.

At Oracle, VIS aims to save employees time and enable learning, productivity, collaboration, information/knowledge sharing, and decision making through easy reliable access to quality information - Information Matters to our business success and this wouldn’t be possible without Oracle WebCenter.

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