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The 5 Best Use Cases for HelloSign for Oracle Documents Cloud

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director

Authored by: Sarah Gabot, Demand Generation Manager, HelloSign  

When people think about eSignatures, it can be tricky to think of the different ways they can be used. The truth is, most departments can benefit from easier online signing.

Coupled with Oracle Documents Cloud, HelloSign can be used for an endless number of business cases. We’ve listed the 5 best use cases for this product pairing. 
#1 Onboarding Employees
It’s the norm for a new employee to receive a stack of papers on their first day of work. It can get really tedious to get through all the basic onboarding documents. If you upload all your documents to Oracle Documents Cloud and use HelloSign, you eliminate the papers, giving your new employee a better onboarding the experience. You in turn benefit from an organized way to track and securely store completed onboarding documents.
Some common onboarding documents to digitize are: 
  • I-9
  • W-4
  • Insurance forms
  • NDAs
  • Employee handbooks
#2 Procurement Processes
You need to manage lots of documents in the world of procurement and supply. When procurement departments work with paper contracts, they’re at risk for getting lost or damaged. Digitizing these documents can help streamline the vendor and contract processes. You’ll keep your documents safe and secure to boot.
When you use HelloSign for Oracle Documents Cloud, not only will your documents be safely stored in the cloud, they’ll also include a court permissible audit trail
Consider bringing the following procurement documents into the cloud: 
  • Form of Offer and Acceptance
  • Service Agreements
  • Terminations
  • Bidding Forms
#3 Sales Contracts
Slowing down your Sales team means slowing down revenue for your business. Can you imagine if you lost a deal to a competitor because they sent their contract digitally while you were still stuck printing and faxing it? 
HelloSign and Oracle Documents Cloud removes the friction in signing sales contracts, because it becomes fast and easy to sign and send back. That means sales teams spend less time sitting and waiting for their contracts to return. HelloSign for Oracle Documents Cloud also shows the status of the document, stating whether the document is signed or not, so your Sales team can follow up appropriately. 
Use Oracle Documents Cloud and HelloSign to manage: 
  • Statements of work
  • Sales proposals
  • Purchase and sales agreements
  • Demo NDAs
#4 Real Estate Agreements
When you’re closing a deal in the real estate industry – regardless of whether you’re in sales or rentals – paperwork is inevitable. Rather than having to print these documents or bring a folder full of copies with you, simply add these files to your Oracle Documents Cloud and use HelloSign to get them signed. 
You can use HelloSign and Oracle Documents Cloud for: 
  • Purchasing agreements
  • Mortgage forms
  • Deed forms
  • Lease agreements
  • Rental applications
#5 Back Office Paperwork
The back office is always managing a wide variety of documents that help a company run smoothly. Often times, they’re managing crucial documents that keep records of the company’s sales and purchases. 
With the HelloSign integration, you can cut out back office paperwork such as: 
  • NDAs 
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
Ready to get started? 
HelloSign with Oracle Documents Cloud can help nearly all industries or departments with their paper problem. Read more about how the integration works or email oracle-sales@hellosign.com for more information.

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