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So What are the Top ECM Skills?

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of joining AIIM VP Doug Miles in discussing the results of AIIM's "Top Skills in ECM" survey. Last fall Oracle co-designed and sponsored an online survey conducted by AIIM that compiled input from 656 ECM industry participants regarding what they thought were the most important ECM skills- now and in the future - as well as some interesting demographics around the participants' roles, career goals, approaches to training and, last but not least, current compensation. This topic seems to have hit a nerve with over 1100 people registering in advance and over 500 people dialed into the live broadcast.

A few highlights from my perspective:

In addition to the overall high interest I was pleased to see what a good response we had from outside of North America. 15% of the survey responses came from which I think reflects well on the level of interest there. Asia and ANZ was another 6 % - which may not seem like a lot but given that we didn't target any outreach to those geographies, I think that getting 40 survey responses demonstrates that there are some serious ECM folks out there looking to understand what is going on in other parts of the world.

It seems that becoming an "information architect" is a leading aspiration of many ECM professionals. Personally, I'd like to hear more about how people define that role and how people who are recognized as information architects got there and what they see as their role in their organizations.

When it comes to professional development time seems to be the biggest single gating factor according to the survey responses. It was good to see how many organizations supported their employees' professional training financially but concerning to see how people seem to be struggling to fit professional development into their schedule.

Finally, the survey results on compensation confirmed some of the ideas I had going into the study but disproved others. I won't try to summaries all the trends that Doug teased out of the data but I would venture to say that this is some of the first meaningful analysis of the relative compensation being offered for different types of ECM related roles.

We had a lot of great Q&A at the end of the session that was captured in the webcast recording. If you didn't catch the live webcast you can listen to the playback here or plug into the twitter feed on the topic here.

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