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Seamless Sales Enablement: A Sample Site Created Using Oracle Content and Experience

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Author: Ankur Saxena Principal Product Manager, Oracle Content and Experience

Seamless sales enablement is essential in providing the information, content, and tools to help facilitate the selling of products more effectively. It’s an important activity that empowers sales teams to sell any product more efficiently and quickly. To achieve this, every organization needs a digital space to keep all the related sales information, content, and tools.

How Can Oracle Content and Experience Help in Creating a Sales Enablement Website?

Using Oracle Content and Experience (OCE), you can define any content and its renditions for different needs, such as various digital channels and print media. OCE also comes with a Site Builder and several predefined site templates that helps you build any site based on your needs. The Café Supremo Sales Enablement Site template provides a sample of how a sales enablement site could work. The template shows how to effectively surface dynamic content and provides a platform to search and organize information for sales teams. The template is available from our downloads site,  here.

Sales Enablement Site: Introduction


Café Supremo Sales Enablement site landing page

The Café Supremo coffee house chain is a fictional business with stores all around the world. Like other organizations, Café Supremo needs a sales enablement site where all sales representatives across the globe can log in and get information, content, and tools. This site helps teams make Café Supremo’s sales more effective.

SE-Story content type definition and Story Description Layout View

The Café Supremo sales enablement site has both static and dynamic information. The static information is on the site pages in the form of static text, while the dynamic information comes from an asset repository in the form of stories. These stories comprise these main sections:

  • A place to upload a hero image or a video
  • A section where you can write a summary about what that story contains
  • A place to provide a rich-text description for the story
  • A utility to upload story-related documents.


SE-Announcement content type definition and Announcement Description Layout View

Organizations can also create announcements to inform sales teams about upcoming events or to highlight newly released product information. These announcements contain a title and a brief rich-text description and are dynamically delivered to the site home page from OCE’s asset repository.

The complete site template contains interactions and navigations to organize, search, preview, share, and pin-to-recall these stories and announcements.

The Sales Enablement Site template uses content types, localization policies, publishing channels, and asset repositories. For more information about how the template works and how it could be customized to suit your own organization’s needs, check out Learn how to build a Sales Enablement Site.


Sales Enablement Site: Outline

All pages of the site feature a common navigation menu. This custom component offers a list of page titles. It automatically extends as developers add new pages to the site. It also accommodates for a submenu to support second-level navigation based on sections added to the pages which surface stories based on a certain category. If you’d like to learn more about how the navigation works, see Navigation in Café Supremo Sales Enablement Site.


Café Supremo Sales Enablement Site Header

Café Supremo Sales Enablement Site Footer


The site offers six main web pages: HOME (main landing page), CAFÉ SUPREMO (product information page), COFFEE MACHINES, LEARNING, SELLING, and FAQs. For detailed information on how these pages are laid out and work, check out Café Supremo Sales Enablement Site Pages.

Each page has a header with the main navigation menu and a brand logo in the top left, with a quick link that you can use to go back to the home page. Each page also has a footer, which contains a social media bar, so you can check out Café Supremo information on various social media channels.



Café Supremo Sales Enablement Landing Page

The top of the home page promotes announcements and has quick links to different sections on the page, which contains up to four different stories. You can also view all the announcements by clicking the View All button. As you scroll down, the page provides sections which offer stories based on the following categories: “Set Up a Cafe,” “Funding Solutions,” “Price a Combo,” and “How To’s.” As new stories in these categories are published, they’re automatically displayed in their respective sections as the latest stories. Each section contains a View All button, which you can click to see all stories in that category from the site’s search results page. You can further filter the stories on the search results page by product, region, industry, and date range.



Café Supremo Sales Enablement Product Info Page


This is a product information page which provides information and stories about Café Supremo products. There are four sections on this page, which helps sales representatives to find stories related to “Café Ambience,” “Signature Coffees,” “Café Accessories,” and “Fresh Arrivals.” The rest of the interaction and page navigation is like the home page.



Café Supremo Sales Enablement Coffee Machines Page


This site page helps sales representatives to find all the stories related to coffee machines. The page also contains filtering options to filter coffee machine stories by product, region, industry, and date range.



Café Supremo Sales Enablement Learning Page


This page contains all the learning-related stories for sales teams. The top of the page showcases a carousel component that contains featured learning stories added to the sales enablement site and quick links to the sections below. The Learning page contains sections for “Coffee Hours,” “Trainings,” “Learning Videos,” and “Articles & Blogs.”



Café Supremo Sales Enablement Selling Page


This page contains all the sales-related stories and information for the sales team. The site page has a lot of stories related to “New Launch,” “Café Sales Plays,” “How to Budget a Café,” “Sales Trainings,” and “Selling Materials.” The top of the page shows how a video can be used to promote information.


  1. FAQs

Café Supremo Sales Enablement FAQs Page


The FAQs page contains Contact Us information and frequently asked questions arranged in different categories, including “Coffee Machines,” “Set Up a Café,” “Finance Options,” and “All About Burgers.”

All stories on these pages may include related documents. You can drill down to preview these documents.

Café Supremo Sales Enablement Preview, Share and Pin-to-Recall view examples


You can use features like

  • Share: To share stories/document preview pages by an email or page links.
  • Pin: To pin stories/document preview pages for easy access in the future.


Café Supremo Sales Enablement Search Bar with suggestions


Every page has a search bar, which auto-suggests stories and announcements throughout the site.

Café Supremo Sales Enablement Search Bar with suggestions


The site also has a profile section to see stories marked as favorites and to log out of the site.


Explore Café Supremo Sales Enablement Site

If you’re interested in developing a site like the Café Supremo sales enablement site, you can download the zip file containing the template and sample code here. You can download a copy of the template and upload it to Oracle Content and Experience, where you can use it to create and modify the site to suit your own needs. See Set Up the Café Supremo Sales Enablement Site for a detailed explanation on how to use the template. For ideas on how you might want to modify the site, see Customization Examples.


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