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OraTweet – Information Matters to Virtual Information Services (VIS)

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director

Following up on Christy’s post about Virtual Information Services (VIS) move to WebCenter, Christy is back to provide an overview of OraTweet and its use within VIS.

OraTweet is a micro-blogging platform internally at Oracle that allows employees to broadcast a message to a wide audience, share information, collaborate, learn, and connect  – it’s basically like our internal Twitter. We are allowed 256 characters and the messages can be viewed by anyone or by users that choose to “follow” the user/group handle.

Microblogs often represent current activity, thoughts, questions, or news-feeds from a
given source and allow for short content which is easier to read and respond. With that, the Oracle Virtual Informaiton Services (VIS) program decided to leverage this social enterprise tool to connect with and share with Oracle employees.

VIS is an Oracle HR program within the Organization & Talent Development (OTD) organization enabling all Oracle leaders and employees by providing them with high quality information services to learn, innovate, develop, make effective decisions, stay competitive, and grow the business. VIS is centered around ensuring employees are connected with the right information, knowledge, and internal expertise to drive decision making, learning and enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing - “Good Information = Smart Decisions = Better Business”. VIS is powered by Oracle WebCenter.

OraTweet was a great fit to help VIS meet its goals and has allowed VIS to connect with employees across the globe where information is critical to their daily work. VIS can share information, ask questions, respond to information questions, participate in other OraTweet conversionats, and quickly reach a very broad audience for so many information management related activities.

This means of communications and collaboration is like no other. We can also integrate the OraTweet feeds into other sites and enterprise social sites – connecting the messaging and conversations.

Here are a few VIS OraTweet examples of the value to Oracle's business because of the availability of these social programs – thanks to Oracle's Social Networking Business Collaboration (SNBC) team!

  • A senior director that I met from a single OraTweet post about a business book summary, invited me to speak about VIS to a team meeting which resulted in 2 other webinars to related teams (now, more employees are aware of the information to enable their work). This senior director and I are working on information alerts for him to stay informed about key areas of interest to him, small research efforts, a relationship where I can support his information needs and that of his teams more proactively - this will lead to more connections and more usage of and awareness of information services and hence impact to Oracle's business.
  • VIS posted information about the availability of an eJournal service (this one was a very general and broad message). It was re-tweeted by someone in EMEA and then questions asked by another person/team in APAC on OraTweet and therefore a connection was made which would have not been made w/out these social media tools.
  • Oracle conducts weekly chats on various topics (every Friday) called SocialChats where employees pick and vote on the topic and then employees gather via OraTweet to discuss the topic (managed by the SNBC team). Virtual Information Services (VIS) lead a topic on information needs. It was a great way to gather interested employees from all over the world to discuss the topic, connect, share with them and have them share with me - and have great conversation around information needs. Great use of social media.
  • VIS had a request via an OraTweet conversation with an employee regarding an eBook service and publisher needed for Oracle business. Ultimately the result was getting access to that publishers books on Oracle technologies in the eBook service. The discussion was open and available to all Oracle employees since it was on OraTweet and the result was important content being made available to the organization.

The viral effect of these connections and the business efficiencies that spiral after the connections are made are so valuable. In addition, the global span of the connections that can take place because of active participation with these enterprise social tools allows for strong business, productivity, collaboration, and for VIS, a better program for Oracle employees and higher impact to the business.

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