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Oracle WebCenter + BPM = High Value Web Experiences

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director
As we wrap up this week talking about High Value Web Experiences, today we have WebCenter expert Mitchell Palski sharing his thoughts on High Value Web Experiences, and specifically how Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Business Process Management provide a unique and integrated solution that will improve your employees’ efficiency.

By Mitchell Palski, Oracle WebCenter Sales Consultant

When we talk about High Value Web Experience, we should first start off by describing a web experience with low value. When users are navigating your web application and they become lost and frustrated, they are less likely to:
  1. Successfully accomplish their tasks
  2. Return to that web site as frequently
Web design shouldn’t be a puzzle; it shouldn’t be a challenge. A good web design doesn’t force users to think about where to go or what to do. When users are forced to focus their energy on figuring out what they need to do and where they need to do it, we are diminishing their web experience.

Ok so now let’s talk about a High Value Web Experience. When we can provide users with a web application that is intuitive and easy to navigate, they  are more likely to:
  1. Successfully complete their tasks
  2. Accurately complete their tasks
  3. Return to that web site to complete other tasks
The idea behind this concept of a “High Value Web Experience” is to present users with a presentation layer that does the heavy lifting for them. 

WebCenter Portal leads High Value Web Experiences by:
  • Empowering business users to build and manage their portal environment.
  • Delivering the right information to the right people through role-based access control.
  • Presenting relevant applications, data, and process interactions in the same context.
  • Providing interface designs that are optimized for any mobile device.

Surfacing Oracle Business Process Management Suite through WebCenter Portal adds value by:

  • Automating processes to minimize end user confusion and reduce human error.
  • Providing visibility into business processes that leads to user satisfaction and more accurate process improvement.
  • Making it easy to integrate legacy applications with processes using web services and other integration mechanisms.

These products create a web experience that is defined by user roles and driven by holistic enterprise business processes.  A WebCenter + BPM solution can provide high value web experiences to your citizens, employees and partners.

Here’s how the Oracle solution benefits Citizens:
  • Prioritizes content and applications based on real user-traits or navigational metrics rather than qualitative data
  • Provide automated self-services for faster end results
  • Gives citizens visibility into processes
The Oracle solution allows you to give your Employees the benefits of:
  • Building contextual workspaces that remove complexity from user interfaces
  • Consolidating systems to avoid confusion and create a “single source of truth”
  • Creating an environment of accountability that leads to improved productivity
Here’s how this solution can help your organization strengthen Partner-relationships:
  • Improve relationships by building engaging interfaces
  • Enable self-service for informed decision making
  • Quickly stand-up effective workspaces for collaboration with new partners
If organizations are looking to get started creating High Value Web Experiences, the first step to any project is always to identify your pain points and gather requirements. Identify:
  • Roles
  • Processes
  • Other functional requirements
The next step is to match those processes and functions to each role. Before you even begin to design pages and workspaces, it is critical to understand what your users are trying to accomplish. Leverage surveys, interviews, and usage statistics to gather requirements and fully understand what you want to accomplish.

Finally, begin implementing your solution using your collaborative development tools.
  • WebCenter offers a Portal builder that is designed to allow web designers and business users to easily build pages and workspaces
  • The BPM Suite offers a collaborative modeling workspace similar to MS Visio

Both tools:

  • Are browser-based for ease of access and to provide collaboration
  • Allow IT resources to provide business users with functional components like web services
  • Leverage visual and intuitive development tools that include drag-and-drop functionality and visual representations of end products
Last but not least:
  • Follow rapid and iterative software development techniques using WebCenter’s preview functionality and BPM’s process simulator tool
Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle Business Process Management provide a unique and integrated solution for High Value Web Experiences that will improve your employees’ efficiency and increase productivity. Learn how Oracle WebCenter customers are delivering these unique experiences for their citizens, employees and partners.

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