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  • February 20, 2019

Oracle Releases React App Generator for Headless CMS powered by Oracle Content and Experience on Github

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director

Oracle Content and Experience (OCE) already provides the most efficient and best in class platform for content creation and management. The latest release now brings the efficiency and innovative features to developers with the React App Generator for Headless CMS.  OCE provides the business user interface and all backend systems for content modeling, contribution and workflow and makes it possible to build any experience on any channel using APIs or a variety of prebuilt integrations. With this release, it is now easier than it has ever been before to create a content driven React.js application. Now OCE gives developers a simple way to auto generate a site from published content, maximizing productivity by leveraging the entire Node.js and React.js ecosystem, with virtually zero ramp-up time on OCE’s APIs.

"In the past few years, web and app development has taken one of its largest leaps since HTML. Forward looking organizations all around the world are adopting better and more efficient ways of working using modern JavaScript ecosystems such as Node.js/npm, React, Angular and Vue. With the launch of our React application generator, we're now offering the easiest and fastest way ever to build a standards based web app that pulls content structure and content directly from Oracle Content and Experience. This takes initial ramp up time on both our tool and React down from weeks or even months to just minutes." — Chris Stone

With Oracle Content and Experience, automatic site creation is now possible using a command line tools such that:

  • The generated site is fully functional and serves as a solid starting point
  • Developers can easily understand generated code
  • Developers can adopt the approaches and libraries used by the generator or adapt to their needs.
  • The learning curve is reduced by providing working code
  • Developers can export all content for offline development or even in-app caching purposes
  • Developers get a hot-reloading local environment for unparalleled development efficiency
  • Production pipelines are simplified through the creation of an optimized site bundle

The entire toolkit is live available today in GitHub here. To find more information on Oracle Content and Experience and the latest release visit us here.

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