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Oracle CX Content (OCE) Launches Video Plus Capabilities

April Thomas
Sr Product Strategist

Author: Marc Houle, Product Manager 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth at least a million. I didn’t coin that quote, but I use it a lot when talking to people about how important videos are to engaging audiences online. Like images, videos make the most of the real estate where they are included. But videos offer more than traditional images: videos communicate information more efficiently and intimately than text and images, they offer a convenient way to engage your audience, grab people’s interest faster, and keep people on your website longer. All delivered within the context of your website or user experience.

To make sure you are using videos effectively within your sites, videos need to be incorporated into your content strategy from the get go. And if you’re not creating, managing, and organizing videos as part of your centralized content hub, you’re suffering through needless barriers in getting rich video content to your audience.

Most marketers today realize the value video can bring to their strategy. However, many organizations are slow at adopting video because of perceived obstacles like time, resources and budget. Oracle CX Content aims to remove those obstacles so that our customers can create and deliver rich video content faster and more efficiently.  Oracle CX Content now includes a ‘Video Plus’ offering that empowers users to create and manage videos as part of their digital asset management (DAM) solution, and deliver those videos to any site or channel in a headless manner.

Video Plus - What's in it?

The Video Plus Offering allows users to organize and manage videos directly within their DAM. Users can collaborate on videos and review assets as part of a workflow process. Marketers can make simple edits to videos directly within CX Content, like trimming and cropping videos, or they can use the Adobe Creative Cloud add-in for more advanced editing in their Adobe tools. The CX Content player provides an efficient way to publish videos to multiple channels in a headless manner and to optimize the streaming and deliverability of the videos. The critical piece for Video Plus is the capability to gather analytic information on video playback and the ability to feed that information into other analytics tools. Overall Video Plus gives customers a full range of features for video management

Managing Videos in Oracle CX Content

CX Content empowers users to add videos to their asset repositories easily and organize those videos as they are being added in. Once the upload is complete, the videos will be transcoded and converted automatically. You can continue to manage and organize the video while it is being processed. 

Once in the repository, videos can be tagged, organized with categories, and added to taxonomies. People can share the videos with their colleagues and collaborate on those videos through conversations.

Editing and Reviewing Videos in Oracle CX Content

Most organizations will have a design team to help create and edit videos. While those design teams do a fantastic job using their powerful desktop video editing tools, there is a cost to making those changes: both in terms of financial cost (if you’re working with third-party agencies) and in time (if you think about the back-and-forth you need to do with those teams). However, many changes you want to make don’t necessarily require the design team. If all you want to do is trim the video for time, add a fade-in or fade-out, or copy a small clip from within the video, you don’t need the design team. With the built-in video editing tools, you can make these simple edits yourself and save those changes as a new version of the asset, as a new rendition to the original asset, or as an altogether new video asset.

Once you are done with the collaboration phase and editing, you can pass the video through the CX Content workflow processes, add the video to your site, and publish the video to one or more channels. The video will be delivered to your channel in an optimized way, it is automatically optimized for your audience’s location, bandwidth, and device.

What will videos be worth to you?

It’s not always easy to understand how to best use videos in your sites and experiences. But that task becomes all the harder if you have to manage videos outside your DAM. Remember that videos don’t work in a vacuum; you need a great website, engaging content, and other staples of content marketing to make the most of your digital presence. By including video as part of CX Content, we make it easier for users to manage and deliver those videos as part of their centralized content management strategy.

To see a Guided Tour of Video Capabilities watch this

Oracle CX Content brings together the world of digital asset management (DAM) and content management systems (CMS) under one roof to provide a single source of truth for all types of content.  For more information on CX Content and Video visit us https://www.oracle.com/cx/content-management/.

Want to see CX Content in action? Watch this!


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