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Optimizing the Online Experience with Oracle WebCenter & Oracle Real-Time Decisions

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Earlier in the week, we took a closer
look at two different approaches to segmentation and targeting, manual and automated. While manual segmentation and targeting gives
marketers a great deal of control, this approach can become time consuming and
complicated when dealing with high volumes of segments and content. In these situations, automated segmentation,
which relies on predictive intelligence, may be an appropriate choice for
optimizing your online customer experience.

Oracle’s web experience management solution,
WebCenter Sites, already includes robust capabilities for marketer managed
segmentation and targeting, however, a whole new level of optimization can be
achieved by combining WebCenter Sites with Oracle’s decision management
solution, Real-Time Decisions. Using the power of statistical data models and
historical and real-time analytics, Real-Time Decisions automates what would
otherwise be the manual task of sifting through volumes of customer data,
determining likely and potential customer segments, and determining the best
content to present to a given site visitor. As customer interactions take place, Real-Time Decisions continuously
refines its data models, automatically adjusting and learning over time to
achieve the optimal content selection for each site visitor.

Marketers have multiple levels of
control when using Real-Time Decisions. They can opt for full automation and
let Real-Time Decisions handle all of the decision making. In this case, Real-Time Decisions infers segmentation
and uses automation to make decisions about what content to display to the site
visitor. Or, marketers can opt for a more controlled approach and specify
performance goals that will help steer the Real-Time Decisions model in the
direction of desired business objectives such as maximizing revenue or
maximizing conversions.

Together, Oracle WebCenter Sites and Oracle Real-Time Decisions provide marketers with the ability to determine the best approach for realizing their segmentation and targeting objectives, whether that means managing the process manually or by instituting some level of automation. Download
this white paper
to learn more about how WebCenter Sites and Real-Time
Decisions combine to create a truly powerful solution for optimizing the online
customer experience to meet your business objectives.

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