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New and Noteworthy in WebCenter Capture

Sripathy Rao
Product Manager

Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture streamlines the high volume capture of paper and electronic documents from remote locations to easily capture inbound content.  Together with WebCenter Imaging and WebCenter Forms Recognition, it provides enterprise-class imaging platform for end-to-end management of document images within transactional business processes.

Capture has been steadily gaining capabilities over the last year on the 12.2.1x series.  Here's a glimpse of what to expect with an imminent & upcoming release—

Jump to a page.

Very often, batch operators need to jump to a specific page when reviewing a document. We've now added the ability to jump to a specific page number within the document. You could access it from the toolbar or the keyboard shortcut (ctrl+G) and navigate to the page you want to replace,delete or before which you want to insert one or more pages.

jump to a page text box on capture window

Better conversion fidelity. 

Capture picks up Outside In Technology (OIT) 8.5.4 in this release.  With over 11 additions and many fixes in this OIT version,, the conversion fidelity will only get better.  Have your own conversion software?  Sure, you can override OIT and use it—this was always possible.

Safe delete. 

When an operator deletes a metadata field, document profile or batch status on the workspace console, it may affect other areas in the system—client profiles, processor jobs, and commit profiles.  To eliminate guess work, we now check to find additional usages of metadata fields , document profiles and batch status if it's being deleted and warn the operator.

confirmation dialog to delete metadata

How many batches. 

You don't need to hand count the number of batches queued up in the client.  You can see the number right on the client window.

View page number. 

Take the guesswork out of finding the page number in the thumbnail view of the document.  Simply hover over the thumbnail.  The page number is displayed as a tooltip.

Secure login to Client. 

Use you company's single sign on (SSO) to log on into Capture client. Watch out for a blog on this...

Removing blank pages. 

A new setting during import helps remove possible blank pages from images whose content is below a certain threshold. For non-images , a similar option is available in the document conversion.

DocumentProfileChanged event. 

You can now get more control when a document profile changes on the client.  You can, for instance enforce mandatory fields, validate them against a format, or even cancel the event entirely.

function PreDocumentProfileChange(event) {
  // list context objects

function DocumentProfileChanged(event) {
  // list context objects

Commit Processor Events.

To help customize document commit process, we introduced four events.

  1. preCommit
  2. preReleaseDocument
  3. postReleaseDocument
  4. postCommit

Both the pre events can be cancelled. These events receive the CommitEventObject, which has various objects that help obtain the context—batch information, Currently active document, Commit driver object, Commit profile etc.

PreDocumentRemove Event. 

Sometimes you want documents to be prevented from getting removed from a batch.  Such as, someone selects all the documents in a batch and removes them.  You get more control to customize the behavior with PreDocumentRemove event.

function PreDocumentRemove(event) {
  var selectedDocs=event.getSelectedDocuments();
  var batch=selectedDocs.get(0).getParentBatch();
  var batchDocCount=batch.getDocumentCount();
  // cancel the event if last document in the batch has been selected
  if(batchDocCount == selectedDocs.size()) {
    print("Cancelled document deletion since all the documents in the batch were selected.");

Server information. 

While managing capture batches for a multi-server global operation, how do you know which Capture server you've connected to?  With this nifty addition, the server you're connected to is displayed on Capture's title bar.

Default Server URL.

For situations where client connects to more than one capture server , we provide an option to set your default server url on the "Preferences" screen on the client . With this option turned on , the preferred server url is auto populated while login into client for your convenience so you don't have to choose. 

Performance boost. 

Committing to Oracle Content and Experience (OCE, formerly Documents Cloud Service (DOCS)) is going to be faster with a performance tweak.



Manjari Misra
Principal Member Technical Staff, Oracle WebCenter Capture Engineering

Manjari graduated from a premier institute and joined Oracle with a passion to learn new technologies, and make it work for the customers.  She is responsible for WebCenter Enterprise Capture product development.  A seasoned multi-role Java engineer that she is, has worked on several areas of Capture development—planning, design, prototyping, implementation, security, both on the core server and client.  In her earlier responsibilities, she  implemented a plug-in for Windows Explorer to view sealed documents with VC++, Win32 shell programming.

Outside of work, Manjari is a yoga enthusiast, a self-professed movie buff, and practices Kathak, an Indian classical dance.


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