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My Journey from Content Administrator to a Solution Consultant and the Lessons Learned

Guest post by Scott Smith, Redstone Content Solutions

I had the
opportunity, about eight years ago, to transition into a role where I was administering
Oracle WebCenter Content installations. I learned a lot over the next several years about Oracle, and their
partner community.

When I first
became our company’s Oracle WebCenter Content Administrator, we had four production
servers (clustered into two – two server domains) running WebCenter Content 10g. As of one year ago – there are ten servers
(clustered into five – two server domains) running WebCenter Content 11g.

We expanded
the number of content items from just over 320,000 to more than 7,000,000 and Oracle WebCenter allowed us to scale easily. Oracle and an Oracle partner helped us through the growth transition.

This growth
resulted in some challenges to ensure that the system was always running at its
peak capability. As the system expanded
to accommodate new functionality and metadata requirements, the need to rebuild
the Oracle WebCenter Content index became a daunting task. With regular index rebuilds, the search
speeds were acceptable, but not always optimal. We never considered an alternate platform since we knew that we were
running the most robust and easily configurable system on the market. We had to learn to manage the expectations
for how often we could rebuild the index and what could be expected in terms of
search speed from complex searches.

As my career has
transitioned and progressed, today I find myself “on the other side” of the
fence. I have indeed joined the world of
consulting with
the very Oracle partner I had come to rely on in my "previous" life.

I now find myself
in the position of being envious of those system administrators we serve
today. The current release of
Distributed Index (DI), from Redstone Content Solutions, has eliminated the
need to manage expectations related to index rebuild and search times. Distributed Index integrates with Oracle WebCenter
Content (it has been designated by Oracle as an Oracle Validated
Integration). DI is an integration that
allows an Oracle WebCenter Content Administrator to define and build multiple
indexes against their content repository. These indexes can be distributed across hardware that is independent
from the current Oracle WebCenter Content architecture. This further reduces search times and index
rebuild times.

Some of the features
and benefits include:

  • Faceted search
  • Ability to set-up multiple/individual indices based on profiles
    (See Image)
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability
  • Multi-threaded rebuild
  • Add and search content during a rebuild
  • Create and build an index without restarting the content server
  • Robust administrative page for maintenance of indices
    • Provides real-time
      feedback on status of an index and ETA on rebuild completion (See Image)
my career continues to progress, I am excited about the possibilities that exist. I can help companies progress beyond what
they thought was possible. They can
continue to expand their use of Oracle WebCenter, and the tremendous
functionality that it offers. The
ability to provide support and solutions that bolster the return on investment for Oracle WebCenter customers is just one of the many reasons why I
see a bright future in our partnership with Oracle.

not forget to utilize those partners who have experience and can help guide you
with proven services and solutions that can smooth out those little bumps on
the road to success.

learn more about Redstone Content Solutions and Distributed Index, please
follow the links below, or join us at Oracle OpenWorld 15 where we will be co-hosting
this year’s Oracle WebCenter Appreciation Event.

more details on the event and how to register, please see

You can also leverage the following resources to dig deeper into the combined solution:

Emerson Live Webcast

Distributed Index in Action Demo

About the author:

Scott Smith
is a WebCenter Consultant with Redstone Content Solutions. Scott has held a number of positions over his
30+ year career. Most recently, before
joining Redstone, he spent 10 years with School Specialty Inc., where he was a
Project Manager, Business Analyst, ETL Specialist, and Content Engineer.

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