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Market Like You are Hiring (Even if you are not..)

Guest Author

Authored by Jack Bateman-Chuah

It's no secret that overall hiring is slowing down and as we move towards the end of the year, the general mood within the employment market is one of uncertainty. I have friends, family members, and old colleagues who are facing the difficult reality of the new normal; individuals with a vast range of experiences, abilities, and interests all now sharing the same common issue. 

With such a diversity of talent prevalent in the employment market, brands mustn't take their foot off the gas and lose sight of the fact that hiring will pick up again and the kind of content that you put out now will have a significant impact on who resonates with your brand and chooses to join in the long term.

The rise of authentic content over the last few years is well documented and the benefits are clear in driving better engagement from viewers. It's the intrinsic alignment (or misalignment) that is felt with a brand's values and culture from which an individual's opinion of an organization is formed; positive or negative. These non-monetary considerations that candidates evaluate before joining an organization are more commonplace amongst candidates than ever before. 

Interestingly, COVID19 has changed a lot in our landscape and for some – it has heightened the importance placed on employers to be more sustainable, responsible, and ethical.­­ Therefore, it's key that businesses continue to create authentic content that showcases why people want to join. Central to this is trusting employees to share their own stories, as an authentic review of a company is far more likely to be trusted; in the same way we trust online reviews – it's a lot more believable if it doesn't come from the business itself.

Looking at our WFH toolkit, smartphone content and video conferencing stand out as the obvious medium for communicating. The challenge comes with building the right framework for employees to become your own brand ambassadors however by utilizing Oracle Content & Experience, you can create an end-to-end video creation strategy.

Oracle Content and Experience gives your brand full video creation and management capabilities and ensures assets are categorized and easily accessible via machine learning algorithms. This empowers brands to establish appropriate engagement channels with authentic content that promotes true brand culture.

If we look at a company like Capgemini, a multinational corporation that provides consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services. They ramped up video creation during this period to great effect, creating an "Employee Onboarding During Covid19" walkthrough. This approach puts the candidate at the center of the messaging and is an excellent example of communicating with authenticity to the talent market.

Hiring may be slowing down but the opportunity for brands to stand out from the crowd and showcase their employer brand is there to be taken advantage of and ensure that top talent is queueing up to join – all you need is the right tools to get started.

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