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How to Build a Trusted Wisdom of the Crowd Model

Kellsey Ruppel
Principal Product Marketing Director
By Peter Reiser and Mike Briggs


A key objective of a Social Enterprise strategy is to leverage the wisdom of the crowd to quickly  find the right answers to question related to an enterprise business. This blog post describes a best practice called Onestop which was  very successfully implemented at Sun Microsystems.  

..and what is the relationship of this best practice example with Oracle WebCenter?  Well -   we just migrated the Sun Onestop implementation from SunSpace to WebCenter   :)

Use Case

Let's look at a real live use case example:

John Doe is a pre-sales engineer. He has a customer meeting in 20 minutes.
John needs urgently the latest information about the SunFire products and the compatibility metrics.
Jon is under heavy time pressure to find the correct information and he need to trust that what he finds is really accurate.

The Challenge
Where should John go to find information on the Sun Fire products?
What if he don't know the name of the product itself?
How does he know that the information he finds is accurate ?

The Solution
At Sun we had a community called Onestop. This was  a community of around 300 Onestop authors, subject matter experts who voluntary maintain a page around a topic like a product, a technology or a best practice. The people in the field are trusting the Onestop authors.

At Onestop, Jon can either find a list of menus on the homepage that are convenient for browsing, particularly useful if you don't know the exact name of the product

or he can use a highly, efficient and tuned search.

Jon will be directed to a OneStop page that contains the information his looking for, which is in a consistent and familiar format. The page maintained by a  Onestop author so he can count on the fact that it is up to date.

Best Practice

Moderate Content  - Content is moderated by a recognized subject matter expert, aka the Onestop author.
Challenge: What's In It  (WIIFM) for the Onestop Author?

In the Sun use case we established a reputation/recognition model around a Onestop author role
- global exposure around a specific topic
- direct access to product engineering
- recognition on the Home page (Onestop Author Spotlight section)
- Onestop authorship was a criteria of the technical leadership promotion program

more information: Trusted content trough facilitated communities post and  Social RoI and Social Value models post

Community facilitation & governance  -  Methodology and Tools to facilitate Community of Onestop authors 
- facilitate the best practices sharing among the Onestop authors
- provide easy tools for authoring content
- drive consistency using page templates
- provide tools to regularly check accuracy of content
As example - we provide a daily update of changes of the official products sites to the Onestop authors.

more information: Onestop blog from Mike Briggs

Destination site  -  One Stop Shop site for product, technology and programs
- Single trusted website for product, technology and programs
- Rich navigation  experience:

  - A-Z index
  - Category browsing
  - Latest Updates, New additions, most accessed page etc.

- Search:

  - optimized search
  - synonym matching - e.g. code names to product names 
 - faceted search - by tag, category, related communities, related people etc.

- Social  integratio:n

   - rating
   - commenting
   - bookmarking
   - sharing
   - subscription

User Feedback

Here are some quotes from users:

"If it's not on Onestop - it does not exist."

"I absolutely DO need to go to the OneStop type pages. Having all info in one spot is crucial and a great savings in time."

"As a technical member of staff, I find one stop an invaluable resource for all sorts of issues. It also provides a platform to find quick answers to many commonly asked customer questions."

Thanks for such an insightful post! Read more from Peter Reiser and Mike Briggs.

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