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How the New Release of Oracle WebCenter Sites Keeps Marketers in Step with Digital Experience Trends

Guest Author

Today's guest post was contributed by Joshua Duhl, Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle WebCenter Sites.

Over the past few years, Digital
Experience has tended to be a fast moving market. Driven by changing online consumer behavior, and
fueled by key trends which include the demand for engaging mobile experiences
that maximize efficiencies, simplification of multi-channel content management
that support the reemergence of the brand site, and the personalization of
individual digital experiences, it presents a challenge to marketers attempting
to keep pace.

Web Experience Management or WEM, the
product category focused on the creation and management of digital experiences,
is rapidly changing as well. WEM has grown out of simple web site management or
web content management, to include personalization, social engagement, mobile
engagement and support for multi-channel marketing experiences. Now more than
ever before, marketers are increasingly and actively seeking WEM solutions that
enable them to keep pace with the rapid evolution of digital marketing, and the
relentless demand for engaging, and cross-channel digital experiences.

Oracle’s WebCenter Sites has long
been a market leading WEM solution. With the release of WebCenter Sites, Oracle continues to expand the power and impact of WEM solutions, and
keeps marketers in step with these key trends. Let’s take a look at how WebCenter Sites addresses them.

The ability to manage and deliver engaging
mobile experiences is currently the most pressing need we hear from our
customers. Mobile site management is now
seen as an integral part of managing their overall online experience, yet it comes
with a distinct set of requirements that may need to be met separately,
depending upon specific objectives.

WebCenter Sites new mobile
site management option offers marketers the ability to manage their mobile
sites with the same ease as managing their traditional online experience, while
providing flexibility to deliver device-optimized sites as needed. By allowing
content reuse, the utilization of the same tools and experience for site authoring
and publishing processes across web and mobile, and by leveraging responsive
design to reduce site development and speed time to market, marketing can maximize
efficiencies for mobile site development, and deliver a consistent cross-device
brand experience. In addition WebCenter Sites allows marketers to meet mobile-specific
requirements when needed, providing mobile template and site plan customization,
device management, and in-context preview and editing of mobile sites. It also enables full mobile content
targeting, to drive personalized mobile experiences across any mobile device.

Mobile sites can be edited using drag-and-drop tools
and previewed within the same business user interface as the traditional web

Over the past few years, consumers
have turned the tables on brands, dictating how, when and where they want to
experience the brand. As more online
channels have emerged to meet this demand – from brand sites, to micro and
multilingual sites, to email campaigns, through to mobile and social – the
more complex content management has become for online marketers. What we’re seeing now is the reassertion of
the importance of the brand site; the idea of the corporate .com as a center
point of digital experience. The content that drives activity on other online
touch points (email offers, social promotions, microsite landing pages)
ultimately points back to the brand site, where all of these channels converge.

In response to this trend, WebCenter
Sites now enables marketers to search and access content originating from other
channels such as YouTube, Brightcove and other cloud-based stores, or from
enterprise content management systems, like WebCenter Content – in other words
regardless of where it is stored – from within the WebCenter Sites authoring
environment, and incorporate it within brand sites to produce a more unified,
cross-channel experience.

The Oracle WebCenter Sites visual contributor
interface provides web marketers with an easy-to-use site authoring experience,
aggregating content that can originate from a wide variety of sources

The trend to drive personalized
digital experiences has finally reached the tipping point, where every
organization we engage with has some sort of personalization initiative on
their short list of digital experience priorities. In this new release, WebCenter Sites
addresses a broad range of personalization capabilities including:

  • Targeting content and experiences to
    different customer segments
  • Making online search more relevant
    and intuitive through incorporation of Endeca guided navigation
  • Providing tools that enable site
    visitors to tailor their own online experience
  • Targeting specific content to mobile
    sites and devices
  • Integration with a fully automated
    predictive system
  • Advanced vanity URL management to
    enable better SEO targeting and campaign landing page management

Of these, the latter two are of
greatest interest to our customers. The
ability to deliver engaging mobile experiences is in part dependent on
delivering personalized, targeted content to specific mobile site visitors. Lastly, our customers are beginning to see
the power of connecting WebCenter Sites native targeting engine to a predictive
solution. It can offset the labor
associated with managing segmenting and targeting through automation, while
delivering higher success rates for metrics like click-throughs and conversions, or driving bottom line results
like recommending higher margin items. We expect to see the most interest and
growth in fully automated predictive system integrations in the coming year.

Lastly, this release also supports
the broader trend of social interaction. Building on the prior 11gR1 release,
WebCenter sites provides expanded social capabilities for faster and easier
development of social pages, and customer login from social sites. These features include:

  • Drag and drop of social components (polls,
    ratings, rankings, comments) directly into pages, with no coding required
  • Expanded social login support enabling
    login to WebCenter Sites using credentials from over 30+ social sites
  • Support for Oracle Access Management
    (OAM) platform for web single sign-on and access management
  • Publishing directly to Google+ from
    WebCenter Sites

The demands of digital experience
continue to deepen and expand. Marketers
need WEM solutions, like Oracle WebCenter Sites, that enable them to address the
changing needs of their visitors, keep up with the rapid evolution of digital
marketing, and meet the relentless demand for engaging, and cross-channel
digital experiences.

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